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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Mother's love is delicately layered, fragrantly pure and brightly hued like the petals of a perennial bloom! A humble tribute to the memory of my dear mother, whose death anniversary coincides with MAKAR SANSKRITI.

Makar Sanskriti (14th January) is a religiously sacrosanct day. It stands for the first day of the month of Magh, the eleventh month according to Nanakshahi calendar. Magh symbolizes the cleansing process of the mind and body, devotion, charity and selfless service.

People flock to religious places to offer special prayers and listen to hymns and the name of the month from the lips of the priest. They take dips in ice-cold waters of the sacred water bodies including the ones on the premises of the religious places of their towns and cities. They wish each other happiness and good health for the days to come. Such is the holiness associated with 14 January, which falls on the next day after Lohri festival.
For me the pious day carries the memories of a deeply felt loss. The passing away of my dear mother leaving me shattered, forlorn and orphaned. However, it also serves as a catalyst for commemorating her unique persona.  As the holy day dawns, I become conscious of the juxtaposition of an acute emotional vacuum together with the substantive feeling of her soothing presence floating lovingly around. My thoughts instinctively create a pathway of remembrances:  of her charm and steadfastness, unconditionality of her love, the privileged freedom to take her for granted, the foolish neglect to acknowledge her benevolent generosities, the occasional incivility to her in the foolhardiness of youth and the selfishness of childishly expecting whatever from her.

How grandly she bore it all!  While turning the pages of the book of memories my inner being resonates with a paradigm of images, though blurred but mirroring the myriad connotations of the purity of her soul. My heart contracts, cries, a lump gags the insides and hot tears come rushing down of their own accord. The questions raise their head inwardly as to why was she always selflessly toiling and looking after our needs, when many a time my siblings and I behaved like brats actually deserving reproach. Why did she always forgive and overlook numerous slips of the tongue and deviations on my part? When I recall   those moments, my mind strangely picks up the hazy pictures, my heart wrenches with unspeakable emotions, chokes and sheds silent tears.

How I envy mother’s fearlessness!  The strength of a steely character and a value system, which could overcome all obstacles, were innate to her. Her faith in the Almighty was unshakable. When I was young, often I’d hear her recite hymns in her sonorous voice creating an eerie mystical effect.

I imbibed the essence of her piety, and that has impregnated my being as an inheritance. Though far away somewhere in her heavenly abode, yet the sweet sensation of her protective fold lightens all sorrows. Her gentle and holy touch pervades my consciousness whenever I detach myself even momentarily from the hustle and bustle of daily living.  

My communication with her stays on an uninterrupted, unobtrusive, effortless zone. It floats forever. Unknowingly her soul merges imperceptibly with my interiority and anchors my life, guides me, listens to me and always stays close to me. Whenever life’s dilemmas had waylaid me and pulled me down, she responded to my silent prayers and instilled courage and confidence. My mind’s eye treasures the images of her beliefs, her pearls of homespun wisdom, not available anywhere anymore.

My heart fills with pride to realize how trusting she was considering present day unsound social alignments! True to herself, she never hesitated to speak her mind. Guarding her own interest above what is righteous was totally alien to her. Her simplicity is stuff for stories. Many expensive jewellery items she had, and never thought of wearing them herself and gifted all to her children.

Perhaps Mothers are like that!. Self-effacing, self-sacrificing and regal!

That the Almighty chose this hallowed day for her departure from this world--- was truly in consonance with the purity of her soul.

image courtesy: the internet. 

Friends, awaiting your thoughts on the subject.


  1. What a heart warmimg tribute to your mom. I was teary-eyed reading it. :'(

  2. Thank you Saru for such a warm comment. When you're young you don't realize the all embracing purity of parents' love. Now when i remember those blissful days, the emotional deluge becomes overwhelming.
    The memories do teach us a thing or two.

  3. This is one loss that can never be compensated. The love, the kindness and the comfort cannot be matched. The only payback we can do, is to match our mothers in their compassion and love.

  4. Thanks Pattu for coming here after a long time! Absolutely, there are lessons to be learnt from her life.