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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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G is for generosity  
Nature's generosity blossoming in our front yard

The spirit of generosity is desirable more than ever in the present-day scenario of self-centered living and its alarmingly growing ascendancy amidst us. Though family incomes have increased manifold, concern for others, who are less fortunate than us, is largely diminishing. It is more so in nuclear families where the backyard happens to be their whole world now. Selfishness bordering on haughty indifference is slowly tearing apart our social fabric. As if, nothing else matters and the aim of life is just to pursue as much personal gain as possible. It appears to be the only motivation, to which most of the people respond. 
There is another malady no less worrisome gaining ground fast, that of utter reluctance to share the small wins of life even with the closet relatives because of some bizarre distrust and doubts existing in the minds of people. Strangely, more and more educated people are adopting such regressive tendencies.
All this has to change. Our life is meaningful only if it has the quality of generosity, care and kindness. In line with this proposition, let’s spell out some accepted principles of leading a generous life and deliberate upon them.
Developing generosity of spirit: The act of giving willingly without expecting any reward and making giving a part of life is large-heartedness. Deriving genuine pleasure in helping others in tough times is really being kind.
Believe in charity: Being magnanimous implies, reaching out to affected people of natural disasters, with monetary support, irrespective of one’s own economic status. Donating to charities causes or purely to social organizations engaged in projects for society’s common good enhances your capacity to carry out your convictions.
Thinking beyond our loved ones: Showing empathy to those who help us in so many ways is a way to build mutual trust. For example, house cleaners lessen our burden of routine household chores, gardeners mow our lawns, rake leaves and clean and beautify our outside area with plants and flowers and give it a presentable look. They deserve appreciation for maintaining our valuable patches of herbal plants. Make them smile with a gift or extra money on auspicious festivals. It’ll boost their self-respect.
Be affirmative: Generosity also means to have a positive and healthy orientation towards life.  That means dwelling on noble qualities of others’ while ignoring flaws and shortcomings. Taking genuine interest in making others succeed and prosper is a two way blessing.
Have a liberal outlook: There is no place for jealousy, envy or meanness in a generous person’s character. He rejoices and congratulates others on their successes. He practices liberality of spirit
Gracious giving and receiving: A generous person gives so he receives according to the law of abundance, which works in his favour and governs his life.
Be ethical:  Follow right means. Work honestly for your living. Manipulating systems and the gullible for misappropriating wealth, which does not belong to you is gross criminality.
A liberal person seeks joy and satisfaction in making a difference in others’ lives. He selflessly plunges into projects for the good of the community. Name and fame are immaterial to him.
Feeling generous is not enough; you have to show it through a smile, a reassuring hug or a lot more. A pat on the back for bucking up someone who has been passing through testing times, gives one great power. Show it in so many ways that you care.
Cultivate generosity: Get inspired. Read about the lives of great philanthropists who contributed money, effort, time and energy selflessly to help people and institutions to grow.
Be grateful   to your elders, siblings, friends, and God for countless blessings of life, which helped you to make something of your life. Pledge to enable someone else to reach the ladder of success and savor the pure pleasure of doing it.  
Believe in yourself: Many of us want to help but hesitate, thinking of failure or inadequacy in convincing others about our intent. Take a step, however, small and remain positive.
Practice Karma: Make generosity go hand and hand with your other important activities. Incorporate it in your life style. Because you only live once.
There are several channels we can adopt to bolster hope and confidence in others. The moot point is the beginning.

Friends, what do you think of the subject. 


  1. Desirable ideals to be cultivated!

  2. Thanks Deepak ji!
    Most of us are aware of the need to cultivate it but fall back somewhere in between. Reminders do help to resurrect the convictions.

  3. Generosity is important. Very thoughtful post. Carver, ABC-W Team

  4. A GENEROUS spirit goes a LONG way!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Thank you for reminding us of what's important in life and for sharing the lovely photo of very striking flowers!

  6. Sharing with others less fortunate is a great virtue.

    abcw team