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Monday, February 10, 2014


In a show of solidarity with the love birds, this post celebrates Valentine's Day with some pictures of roses taken by me in the Rose Park!:-)))

For the last so many days I've been reading fun articles in News Paper supplements about the days associated with the well spring of love and romance emanating from the heart's deepest nooks. Days deeply soaked in love got print space profusely. There was the Rose day and  the Propose day. Perhaps some other day which I might have missed, however, all have one thing in common the opportunity to express your precious emotions through flowers ,thoughtful gifts, romantic rendezvous, billet-doux and whatever stirs your emotions. Young people in flush of energy, enthusiasm and hormonal upsurge are planning to celebrate the gala Valentine's Day in their own special way. The shops and Malls are attired in festive looks and beckoning the young lovers to be there to purchase the goodies to  commemorate this day with their loved ones.

The gift of a bouquet of roses excites the heart and is the warmest embodiment of affection and passion. I as a fledgling photographer went to the Rose Park in our vicinity to click some pictures of the blooming roses in their dazzling splendor. I dedicate these pictures at the altar of this tender emotion on thes earth.

Friends, welcome here!:-)))

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  1. I love the riot of colour spread on this page by the beauty and dazzle of the king of romance the inimitable rose.