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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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The D words I vouch for:

While dwelling on D words, I thought of the ones that signify positivity, inspiration and motivation. My grey sells immediately caged the three powerful superheroes, which constitute the subject matter of this post. They are words, which carry in their bellies the seeds of larger concepts, meant to enhance the quality of our lives and promote happiness and wellness. In this category, I envision Discipline, Dedication and Devotion. They are affirmative boons for the conscious minds aware of the absurdities of our lives. If followed earnestly they are capable of transforming lives tremendously.

I consider discipline the key principle that has the genesis of positing unqualified success in our lives. The word discipline implies training the mind to follow certain rules to achieve  self-control. Everybody knows that without forming a set pattern for the daily activities of life, nothing can be accomplished. As a blogger I know many times uncomfortable decisions have to be made to  avoid frustration of a wasted  day. In the busyness of life, fixed time limit for  the writing activity has to be strictly adhered to. If that is disturbed, the whole day is messed up and feeling of guilt conscience sets in.
For a student discipline is of paramount importance if he or she aspires to achieve excellence in any field. Whatever field you have taken up for your profession, only a disciplined approach can bring results.

In the armed forces for example, only strict discipline keeps  men in fighting fit condition. In every sphere of life without a healthy routine, life becomes a slothful abyss and breeds inefficiency, complacency and procrastination. Discipline is another name for time management, which means accomplishing your goals on time, which ultimately boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. A disciplined mind is wary of impulsive actions, which can sometimes prove disastrous. Discipline helps in acquiring good habits, which gain spontaneity over time and lead to moral and mental development.

Dedication is the offspring of discipline. Without the one, the other cannot exist. Dedication is your full commitment to the task. It is single-minded approach to the task. It is akin to the concept of MINDFULNESS, which means total absorption even in the simplest of chores.  Dedication stands for the tenacity and staying power of the disciplined mind until the job is completed. Whichever duty we may assign to ourselves, only a wholehearted approach will fructify it. No dithering excuses invade the dedicated mind.

As parents, we can only instil right orientation among our children if we are practicing a dedicated approach to their upbringing. The duty of making them good citizens rests with us.

As teachers, we can play a significant role in the lives of pupils by promoting their interests by being dedicated teachers ourselves. Setting personal examples of committed attitude to work are essential.
Devotion is complementary to dedication. Devotion is a prayer like approach to work. It takes priority over everything also.  It adjoins absolute loyalty in word or deed to your spiritual principles. Devotion is an elixir for the mind. It teaches composure and steadfastness. It keeps you away from superficial rat race.The false trappings of life fall by the wayside for a devoted personality. It brings real success which endures.
All the three terms are interdependent and offshoots of the core of a holistic existence.  Human  beings are liable to commit mistakes. However, if we keep renewing our efforts to incorporate in our lives the three spiritual gems discussed above, we’ll be blessed with a more meaningful and fascinating journey.

Friends,Your thoughts on the D words are welcome.


  1. Well stated. Wish I could say I always follow your advice!

  2. Thanks Roger for the lovely comment!

  3. Inspirational - if only we can always be like that.

    abcw team

  4. "D"efinitely a interesting read..
    Beautifully written and agreed with every word.

  5. Discipline is very important if it's not exaggerated !
    ABC Wednesday

  6. Hi Leslie,
    We human beings are prone to commit mistakes. But if we keep reminding ourselves about the spirit of total absorption in whatever we do, we can achieve a lot. Thanks a lot for the support.

  7. Hi Veena,
    Thanks very much. Have a good day!:-)

  8. Hi Gattina,
    Absolutely! Discipline should not mean regimentation.At best it is a time management technique which certainly helps in being usefully productive on any given day.

  9. Thanks Deepak Ji for the good words!

  10. Very inspiring Uppal! :) Discipline, Dedication and Devotion - Correlation explained so beautifully!

  11. For me D is Discipline. As a blogger, three Ds you mentioned has helped me a lot. And it certainly help to have a better life. Without discipline you can never progress.

  12. Hi Valli,
    Thanks for liking the discourse about the power of three D words.

  13. Thanks Saru,
    I totally agree with you. Belief in these three concepts encourage the mind to go ahead to realize one's goals.