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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


ABC Wednesday

Friends, a purely subjective experience  constitutes my narrative here. It is the articulation of the intensity of evocative emotions, which surge within me while listening to my cherished friend cuckoo’s full-throated sweet singing.  Cuckoo has positioned itself as an icon of aspirational focus for my creative ventures. Nature’s munificence plays a great role in reconciling the inherent contradictions we face all the time. Cuckoo's singing is gift of nature.  I think that way, 'therefore I am'. (Cogito ergo sum)

Cuckoo's vibrancy is infectious.When she is somewhere in my vicinity, her sonorous melodies provide me creative stimulation, uplift my sagging spirits and bring forth a swinging nonchalance to my bearing. Having introduced her thus, could I ignore for long the lusty rendition of passion in a uniquely soulful voice of my beloved friend?

For more than a month, being engrossed in the grueling exercise of renovating our house, I was guiltily conscious of the sweet and potent refrain of her voice towering above the din of waking life. Guilty? Because I was failing to fulfill my unspoken promise to her to chronicle the highlights of her yearly visits in my neighborhood. Today in the park for my morning walk (which I’ve restarted luckily), her overflowing gutsy voice mesmerized me bringing forth old memories of her previous visits. I could not see her in the thick groove of trees; but her presence was palpable enough through her melodic notes. It resurrected that strange but robust bond of affection and kindliness, which I harbor for her.

The thought channeled into a reflective mood. How does Cuckoo’s melodious ditties empower me to go on with life, in spite of vicious negativities floating around.  Listen to her intently! Her voice conveys either pure placidity or childlike exuberance. It has the sacredness of a ritual of purification.  It purifies the genuine admirer out of the ensnaring cobwebs of daily life.

She seems to be a reservoir of persistence. Nothing can defuse the focus of her vibrant music. She perhaps urges us to delve deep into finding the stimulating radiance of life under man made shadows. Listening to the magic of her cooing, all doubts disappear and sunshine of hope and happiness takes over.

The unrequited passion and pain, which sometimes pours forth from her singing never, seems to sign off as brooding but an act of shedding all sorrows and picking the baubles of hope scattered here and there. 

The mildly blowing cool breeze of the morning is the time for her best musical treat. When the gentle wind ruffles her soft, slender frame and her glossy plumage, she breaks into no holds barred performance.

The chirps, tweets and squeaks of other birds and cacophony of human noises seem insignificant before her high-pitched genuine refrains.

She’ll continue to regale us through the monsoon rains and then disappear to the confines of some remote borough somewhere to seek peace and solitude once again.

 Friends, your thoughts on the subject are welcome!
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  1. The songs of birds are a great source of enjoyment for me. Carver, ABCW-Team

  2. Beautiful ode to the singing cuckoo

  3. Don't feel guilty. You can't do it all!

  4. I love listening to the birds singing in the tree outside my bedroom window. It really gets me smiling early in the morning.

    abcw team

  5. Hearing early in the morning the little birds chirps makes my day!

  6. I forgo an a.c.bedroom to listen to this early morning music and sleep in the balcony:):)