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Thursday, May 29, 2014


"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance." CARL SANDBURG
I enjoyed reading Saru Singhal's first poem today and thought of sharing my first poem with you as well. This one I wrote in the first year of college. It was published in the college magazine. Hold your breath!  Long back in 1960!  I don’t know what inspired me. But I do remember one thing that I wrote a poem in my mother tongue Punjabi when I was in primary school and proudly  sent it on a post card to children’s programme which was broadcasted from All India Radio JALANDHAR in those days.The propensity to write started early in life  but somehow it got derailed on the way. 

As regards William Wordsworth’s definition   “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: It takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquility.” From preface to ‘Lyrical Ballads.’ His theory of poetry is beautifully exemplified in his famous poem “THE DAFFODILS.”

I feel poetry comes from the intensity of feelings on observing something or thinking about something, which leaves a profound impression on your mind. The ideas churn in the mind for a while. Then the person longs to be left alone to recollect the effect and put it in words, which best describe the experience. Poetry to be able to touch our hearts takes its birth in the ‘sense and sensibility’ of deeply sensitive people.

I fail to recall one line.  The poem was titled: ‘MY DESIRE’

O God bless me,
           A lovely valley of flowers,
A hut of sandy earth,
         To pray thee in sad hours.
Thy is the real kingdom,
          Bless me life without hate.
Oh survivor, don’t be late.

 I really feel amused at the seriousness of mind at that young age.

Friends, your take on the first Scribble of mine.


  1. For a first poem it is very coherent and reflects the times...

  2. That was quite religious....:-)

  3. Quite amazing that you could recollect your first poem.

    1. Oh yes, past memories are still sharp but present ones go haywire very fast. Thanks!

  4. Faded Memories and your first poem !!!
    Madam nice lines ...
    Leafing through the infinite layers of Life this is just wonderful..
    Good Day

  5. I was just replying to your comment on my blog asking you to share your first poem. And here I am.

    What a lovely poem with a Shakespearean touch. :) Loved it!

  6. Thanks Saru! In fact it was your post which inspired me to recall the poem.I think my effort paid.