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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Interestingly, the word ‘queasy’ attracted me because, its peculiar phonetic articulation seems to mimic the feelings associated with its meaning. Apart from this, it can also boast of some secondary semantics attached to it. In other words, it has precisely one denotation but several connotations.
sorry the cat has headache and upset stomach

For one, it simply expresses the physical feeling of nausea due to multiple reasons. It is a health condition wherein a person has a sick feeling in the stomach after consuming a big, greasy meal, junk food, contaminated food or excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages or hard drinks. The after effects of overeating or meals on the go, gulped down without proper chewing also lead to unpleasant sensations inside. Such symptoms sometimes precede serious problems of acid formation, burning feelings in the esophagus and many other health concerns.

People suffering from migraine often experience debilitating headaches and nausea.

Pregnant woman usually suffer from queasy feelings in the mornings, which sometimes result in cold vomits.

Often use of antibiotics cause squeamish feelings. While eliminating disease-causing pathogens in the body, antibiotics kill good bacteria in the gut, disturbing the digestive processes.

Chemotherapy and other strong drugs are said to lead to intense nausea and extreme discomfort.

However, let me narrate some funny everyday occurrences, where feeling queasy provide the humorous touch.

Well, there are some people especially women professing strict vegetarianism, inured to show disgusting expressions at the sight of  non-vegetarian dishes even at parties.So much so that they will walk past such counters hastily as if trying to escape some perceived or imagined pollution.

It is for these die-hard vegetarians perhaps, the confectioners bake egg-less cakes and cookies.

There is also a practice among some of the above category to screw up their noses and have changed expressions on their faces while passing by a meat shop where skinned lambs are hung to attract buyers.

It is an observable fact that the sight of lizards and crawling cockroaches nauseate some into making all sorts of weird faces. Both these creatures are my beta noir as well and I’m prepared to do anything to get rid of them for good. Not even Internet research has helped me to find a solution to eliminate lizards so far.

I love all birds with one exception of the crow. I can’t stand its jarring caw caw, its predatory attributes (it attacks the nests of small birds and spoils their eggs) and its filthy scavenging propensity. I loathe its unpleasant bearing.

The sight of a snake causes so much fright that the poor creature suffers death because of perceived notions of enmity towards it, embedded in our psyches traditionally. Though it is proved that it bites only when it senses some danger to itself.
In fact, the  semantic landscape of this word profiles a variety of human emotions.

However, to feel queasy is certainly not a pleasant feeling to have!

Friends, share the things which make you queasy.
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  1. Very good info....Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're right - the word is almost onomatopoeia

  3. I agree with you! Queasiness( does this word exist?) is a nasty feeling.
    I wish you a Queasy free week!

    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. Queasy is one of those words that make you feel that way just by saying it!!

  5. What makes me queasy is when I'm a passenger in a car and we go on a winding road! Yuck!

    abcw team

  6. the same crows preserve the koel eggs and feed them as their own chicks... the word queasy sounds me unease. lol

  7. Oh dear, I LOVE crows and i am one of those weird vegan people who have difficulty looking at carcasses hanging in a meat shop. Those things said, I thought your post was brilliant :)