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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Early morning click during my walk
ABC Wednesday

'T' is for Trees     

Sentinels of peace, nature's appointees,

Aloof from the cancerous craze of monies.

 Enchanting boudoirs  of sweet symphonies,

Of bird song, bee buzz and darting butterflies.

 Blissful concourse for fun, frolic of squirrels

 A theme for quieting the leitmotif of quarrels.

 Sans hubris, shield the wealthy and the weary,

 unfailingly elevate the tottering and the teary.

Imposingly tower the earth’s skyline,

Breathe in deadly poisons from its spine.

Their drunken dance in the soft breeze,

Is the charming allure to amaze 'n' please.

Their gloss and saturation in soaking rain,

Allow us a goodly sight bereft of pain.

The bliss of green in my favorite park
Friends, your thoughts are awaited.


  1. Oh, I love the way you clicked it and described its beauty in measured words. Absolute delight to read.

  2. The little patch of green gives us such relief from our busy urban lives... well captured!

  3. Wonderful homage to the silent sentinels

  4. Lovely trees! And lively poem!!

  5. Beautiful trees and terrific narrative. Carver, ABCW-Team

  6. Lovely photographs! They are our life!

    The Arts & Me

  7. Wish the municipal authorities and NHAI understands the value of trees. Instead of replanting large trees they just cut it off. No amount of planting saplings is going to make up the loss of hard growth trees. I see them as living creatures, perhaps much wiser than us. Sharing everything with us from fruits to flowers to the much needed oxygen. If only we humans understood or follies.

    1. They ARE living creatures indeed! Much wiser and generous than us. We are stupid, selfish, unthankful fools:(

    2. So true Amit. We humans're selfish and indifferent towards our is time we realize our duty to safeguard the ecology of mother earth for posterity!

  8. Hi Sabyasachi,

    Thanks a lot for your concern for trees. You've concisely summarized the blessed contribution of trees to make our lives worth living. Hail another votary of trees.

    Oh yes, how generous of them to gift us freely flowers, fruits and life giving oxygen.