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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Early morning shot. The sun is rising behind me.
B is for 'BALCONY'

Every post takes some long thoughtful moments in mind mapping for hitting upon an apt theme or word, which stirs the flow of creative juices. Many subjects vie for attention, intruding the mental space but soon exit because of not finding the vital stimulating trigger. I don’t know how this particular search zeroed on the friendly and concrete ‘B’ word ‘Balcony’.

I feel each word has a personality of its own. Words can be kindly and sometimes as sharp as a razor’s edge. They picture the varied and private emotions so subtly as to affect the reader deeply. They can transport you to the heights of joy or throw you into the abyss of despair.  We all know a few appreciative words from a loved one; can catapult your spirits on the wings of delicious happiness. Alternatively, the despairing words may ruin your day.

The word ‘Balcony’ real and solid prodded my imagination and brought forth deluge of cheer and joy. I envisioned that I could somehow stretch its semantic boundaries to delve into its practical munificence.

I happen to be spending a couple of summer months surrounded by the idyllic Shivalik hills. Our flat has a balcony that overlooks  a narrow valley with magnificent view of hills, covered with groves of ramrod pines. I watch them either swaying majestically to low breeze or swathed with gossamer thin mists on rainy days. It is 7 pm and I’m in the midst of penning this piece. Suddenly I notice the darkness descending imperceptibly. I rush out to my balcony as not to miss the nature’s wonder. The clouds are in the process of cloaking my balcony with a white cover of hazy presence. I feel like holding the mystery in my hands but within seconds, it passes by.

My ‘Balcony’, in fact, has become the getaway to a new world, which is suffused with nature’s purity beyond the frivolities of everyday chores. The state of blessedness and gratitude at such holistic scenes is no less than being on cloud nine.

I bask in its glorious sunshine on cold days and allow the soft breeze tease my hair and sneak into my body playfully on warm days.

My esteemed ‘Balcony’ keeps me company while I stroll alongside its iron railing with my morning cup of tea. I listen to the mesmerizing noises of rainwater gushing down the slopes or slightly deafening but pleasing buzz of myriad entities dwelling in the forest cover.

The rain-washed gleaming vegetation all around my balcony is a source of great inspiration on daily basis. It is small but it is a source of pleasure, which sweeps away all the blues.

 Now I realize why ‘small is beautiful.’ Small spaces, petite conveniences, terraces with flowerpots, balconies, and patios lend a peculiar charm to living, considerably enhancing the quality of life.

 Thanks for coming here!



  1. i love balconies.

    frankly my dear

  2. Your balcony looks lovey. And a couple of months in Shivalik! I envy you!

  3. Balconies are lovely places to 'befriend' & 'bask' :)
    So cool, Uppal!

  4. Your balcony is lovely! A balcony is such a welcome extra in an apartment and I always kept flowers on mine - I also had a little water fountain - my little slice of zen :)

  5. That is beautiful: your balcony is thr getaway to another world.
    It opens a door to a new world!
    Thanks for your visit.
    Wil, ABCW team

  6. Great observations...nice post♪