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Monday, July 7, 2014


ABC Wednesday

Zigzag road in the midst of hills on Kumarhatti Nahan road. Shot early morning during a walk.

Coupled with its tough exterior, the lexical item ‘zigzag’ refers to a pattern that is irregular, often jagged, sometimes winding, but seldom smooth or straight. Interestingly, it is similar to the nature of our existence on this earth.  With its weird looks and somewhat negative semantics, it can claim to have strong kinship with our complex existence. In fact, ‘Zigzag’ structure of our short odyssey here is integral to us and accepted by us, though grumpily.

Take for example the moment of our birth.  Upheavals, unbeknown to our parents take charge by natural course, the very moment.  Recall that scary but anticipated cry on entry. Separation from the protective fold of the embryo gives the first shock of life. The saga of irritants, which erupt in the first few years, can write a book.

Then our early childhood pure and serene ostensibly, passes through innumerable disturbing phases. Single parent or absentee father or hosts of other issues, leave scars on children’s subconscious, creating insecurities.

Youth with its exuberance is not without heartbreaks, doubts and varied unpleasant crises, on the sidelines of growing up.

Married life is a ceaseless churning of the sea. It is akin to a zigzag maze. Here one longs for consistency- an illusive chimera- instead frequent face off with harsh edges becomes a salty reality.

 Middle age has its own sweet and sour paths to trudge. Mounting family responsibilities and plummeting energies weigh heavily. Fantasies disappear and realism sets in.

There are some streaks of light though, if your children do well and you have a satisfactory job and enjoy material comforts.

 When you are on the threshold of embracing senior years, life shifts gears. You are a lot mellower and introspective. You avoid arguments and try to live by the strength of your inner core.  Energy levels deplete. Aging process takes over stridently.  Confidence gets a beating.

However, there are some joyful sparks too. Bereft of duties, you enjoy more freedom to pursue hobbies, which were held back in your active years.

 May be some zigzag intrusions on the road of life is a blessing as well. The uncertainties and insecurities of life make every day a new adventure, which keeps us on our toes. Our mental faculties go on overdrive to confront the new challenges.

 The sameness of life, with an expected scheme of things, would have turned us into passive rags, prepared to self-destruct due to boredom.    

God rightly gave us a short shelf life to save us from unnecessary decay, depression and morbidity. The cobbled zigzag path is our destiny and we have to train ourselves to walk upon its abrasive trails.

Friends, waiting for your views.


  1. I am totally in agreement with you. What an inspiring read, especially what you explained about our short shelf life. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Life indeed is a zigzag road...and that's what makes it a fun ride, I suppose :)

  3. Great writing and picture! Loved the philosophy and visuals both:)

  4. life IS a zigzag experience, for sure!

  5. Terrific post and philosophy♪

  6. I have never thought about life being a zig zag course, but it certainly is.
    Love your take on this letter Z.

  7. I believe zigzag is necessary in life, we say ups and downs. They help us grow into adults. Great philosophical post!
    Please join us in the next round too!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.