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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Reading gives me immense pleasure. The experience of perusing one of my favorite books is similar to enjoying a gourmet meal.   It is my best antidote to ward off troubling thoughts. Some books I have read a number of times and each perusal provides new insights into aspects of the content, which hitherto escaped attention. Books are our all-weather friends and so loyal that they remain at our disposal at any time. In addition, they are reservoirs of knowledge and ever ready to share their secrets with us.  They transport us to the company of great minds in all spheres of life, enabling us to participate in a profound learning exercise. Books nudge the inner self out of passivity and teach lifelong lessons.

Luckily, my children developed enduring fascination for books from an early age because of my encouragement and allowing them to buy books of their choice.

Sadly, love of reading is slowly losing its appeal among the youth of today. However, they are not entirely to blame. Internet browsing, status updates on social networking sites, cell phones, i pads et al take so much of their time that inculcating interest in reading takes a back seat. Fortunately, this is not so with all the kids. Our grandchildren do indulge in operating all these gadgets but they are also avid readers. Our eldest grandson had devoured the available ‘HARRY POTTER’ volumes before he was ten. Interestingly, the younger one, as soon as he finishes his homework, relaxes with a book. The books suffused with supernatural story lines similar to that of HARRY POTTER have caught the imagination of the kids all over the world.

There is an amusing incident connected with our younger grandson, regarding his overriding interest in reading books. Once, he finished his term paper quickly in order to get out, to read the book, he got issued from the school library. In haste, he left two questions unanswered as he forgot to turn the page of the question paper.  

There are no bookworms anymore in the literal sense because with the onslaught of information deluge, children are interested in manifold activities.

There is no gainsaying that in developing reading habits of children, parents role is significant. Giving books, as gifts on special occasions, chaperoning the kids to the neighborhood library and helping them to select appropriate books can generate love of reading. Stocking home library with books on assorted subjects and dinner table light conversations about books, parents are familiar with, can whet children’s curiosity favorably.

 I consider keeping a good dictionary at a convenient place at home and persuading the kids to consult regularly. A valuable prompt to enhance vocabulary for better enjoyment of the content. Teachers by accompanying the kids to the school library and suggesting books would wield positive influence. The follow up action of monitoring the activity through student participation in class discussions can help in habit formation.

The Amazon. com’s ‘Kindle’ can store hundreds of e-books of your choice, while promoting comfortable reading at any time and place. There is no need to waste time in doctors’ waiting rooms or at airports and at other places with Kindle in your purse. The reading experience on Kindle with an adjustable formatting and background light is an asset for book lovers. 

In spite of mind boggling advancements in technology to hook the attention of the youth, the pure pleasure of sitting on the bed at the end of the day with the peculiar feel of turning the pages, is a pleasure never to be reciprocated. 

Friends,your thoughts on the topic are welcome!


  1. I have reconciled to Kindle from the convenience aspect

  2. yes, no matter how much technology advances and comes up with an updated version of the present kindle too, the " books" has its own specialty.

  3. It's the Kindle that has made me fall in love with books once again. Until I got it, I was reading one book in 2-3 months. Now I read 2-3 books in one month! I think technology is making books accessible to everyone (not just kids) and that's gonna be a driving factor for reading more. I think.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Well said. I totally agree. However, I do think that the magic of handling the printed page is irreplaceable.

  4. Great post! I am with you that nothing can replace the printed paper, the smell, the slightly grainy feel ,the dark alleys of a library .... offer more jewels then any neon lit store but then.... its reading, the content I should focus on. So its the joy of reading that ought to be kindled in the hearts of the young.

  5. Thanks Kokila! love of reading is the casualty of our technologically advanced culture. Yes, joy of reading needs to be kindled among young and old.