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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Practical(anything tool or thing you might use most days)

Modern wonder tool the cell phone has revolutionized the global communication systems.

In India, the cell phone is a craze so addictive, especially among the poor and the middle classes that they eat, sleep and breathe it. In fact, from the domestic help, to the rickshaw puller, to construction worker, to babus in offices, to students, to professionals, to politicians and their minions and corporate honchos, owning a mobile phone is a necessity, they can’t do without.

And why not? The facilities from connecting to family, friends, relatives and people at large, text messaging (SMS), online banking, internet browsing, managing social networking sites,  taking photos, hotel bookings  and many more commercial activities are facilitated via cell phone applications.

             Here my hubby's cellphone poses for this shot!

Friends, your reactions are awaited!


  1. very practical :) nice post for the theme :)

  2. How did you manage to get the phone from your husband's hands? Great take on the theme.

    1. Thanks for the laugh lines! In fact both of us are wary of mobile mania spreading in our country.
      The fall out of this is : no incentive to meet, no secrets to be shared on meeting. The instant communication has taken away the sweet sensation of the waiting period.

  3. Great tool for the prompt and I again agree with you (I have just agreed with you in the Reading Gives Pure Pleasure Post !) I and y husband both are little less crazy then the rest for this tool :)

  4. indeed a mobile phone has become a necessity these days .. very practical take on the theme practical :)