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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 ABC Wednesday

'Y' is for yellow

Every color signifies some unique attributes. Yellow is no exception. In fact, it is a very prolific color and embodies purity, valor, vitality, cheer and goodwill. No wonder, it is the hue of the precious metal gold. It also carries some psychological and religious implications. 

It always holds its head high, wherever nature decides to project its imposing glory. Just think of the beautiful and ever-erect sunflower glimmering in day light and even faces the sun and its dazzling brightness defiantly.

The sunny side of the fried egg is as much a delight to eat, as it is appealing to look at. White of the egg enfolding the melting yellow yolk endears the senses instantly.

Can one beat the sprawling mustard fields in Punjab, studded profusely with tiny yellow flowerets looking resplendent in the winter sunshine? The sight of mustard fields in their blooming youth infuses spontaneous vitality and charm.

Our very own turmeric donning  robust yellow tint not only gives a mouthwatering sheen to our dishes but also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Green and orange befriend each other and lose their identity to create the tantalizing yellow.   It unique allure uplifts moods and imparts healthy buoyancy.

It is associated with a popular festival ‘Basant Panchami’, which falls in the middle of February in North India. It heralds sweet warmth after the bone chilling cold of December and January. Traditionally the festival signifies the end of severe cold, while anticipating the charm of spring.  Young girls wear yellow dresses and stroll about making merry. Young boys fly kites and participate in kite flying competitions. There is lot of laughter, banter and camaraderie. Mothers prepare sweet rice by adding yellow food coloring to celebrate the occasion.
The pale yellow of lemons wears an inviting appeal in any grocery store. Its sweet pickle is a popular add-on to every meal in India. It improves digestion, is nutritious and emits tangy flavor.

Yellow color predominates in sweet meats and snacks too. We have laddoos, barfi, pinnis, pakoras and boondi,  all prepared from Besan (chickpea powder) which dons modest yellow tint. Our very own 'Curry' gets its yellow looks from the same powder when it is mixed with beaten curd and made to simmer for hours for that special taste and flavor.   
Sturdy marigold flowers in different shades of yellow bedeck the surroundings wherever they are planted.

Yellow has a force, a spirit of youthfulness, which enriches our lives immensely.

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  1. Positively sunny..enjoyed reading your list...

  2. Very Colorful Post...!!!
    Good Day :)

  3. Really good... a different persepctive on colours

  4. Yellow indeed is the colour of Sun's light :) This was a light-filled post!

  5. I am definitely a yellow fan, - so cheery and uplifting.

  6. Yellow is the color of librarianship, so I always hated that it was associated with cowardice and caution (the yellow light!)


  7. A colour that always cheers, I have never seen a mustard field, looks spectacular.
    Joy - ABC Team

  8. Yellow is my favourite colour of blooms. Your yellow connections made an interesting read.

  9. I love this color, have anice day.