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Tuesday, August 12, 2014



E is for enriching and empowering our lives in our short sojourn on earth.

It is for educating us to kindle the spark of creativity and experimentation for promoting edifying existence.

Think for a moment and you will realize how e words express activities which are integral to  our life’s fascinating odyssey on the earth. Just imagine how insipid our life would be if it is not eventful, encompassing joys and sorrows in the course of many roles, we enact.

Here are a few e words which I've chosen to exhibit exuberance, excellence and roughness of life’s manifold errands.

We won’t be able to enjoy life fully, if we lack energy and √©lan to discharge the enormous duties as part of our locus standi in the affairs of our private, micro and larger macro world.

How our life force erodes if we are lethargic and shun exercise. Exercising mind and body is as essential as eating and sleeping. It emancipates us from host of ailments.

 Isn’t it advisable to avoid extreme positions in dealing with our day-to-day circumstances? Extremism ethnic or otherwise has wrecked havoc in the lives of millions of people all over the world.  

In our social relationships, we encounter some people who always see a silver lining in every dark cloud or believe that there is light after every dark tunnel. They are die-hard extroverts. They earnestly vouch for the efficacy of this positive approach. Being optimistic is an effective mantra for success.

Tax evasion and harming the environment are twin evils we should earnestly escape from, if we love our country.

Solar and lunar eclipse has deep religious connotations for Indians. The elite as well as the marginalized participate in ritualistic episodes on this occasion with elation.

In the present day globalized world, egotistical leanings of super powers are frowned upon. Rather there is ever-increasing clamor for collaboration in areas of mutual interest for the benefit of all.

The evacuation of people to safer places in the war torn zones is not easy to execute. However,to do so, is humanitarian expediency for the concerned warring regimes.

In the evening of life, people tend to be more religious and earthy. An evensong develops into an important part of their lives.  

Friends, share your ideas with  us.


  1. Excellent perception! Using a single word E, you encompassed so many things giving an emphasis.

    Feeling great connected with your blog!!

  2. An erudite post with an enigmatic fetish for 'e', reminding me of the eloquence yet excess 'v' in the movie 'V for Vendetta'. :D

    1. Here it is no fetish Siddharth, Simply making the most of E words for writing a meaningful discourse. Just enjoying the particular challenge.

    2. Yes I know. I also tried to do the same in my comment, though only marginally...
      It was wonderful reading this..

  3. Words of wisdom...

    abcw team

  4. Hari Om
    Enlightening! You have encapsulated some essentials... YAM xx

  5. Don't you love the exciting expeditions ABC Wednesday takes us on?
    Denise ABC Team xxx