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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The green luster of stately pines captured at early morning today, from our balcony
 And that green open book for me is nature in all its magnificent manifestations. A book perennially juxtaposing change and consistency, to a perfectly orchestrated  paradigm set by some super power. How I love this precious book which  not only stands by  me in the darkest moments of life but also unequivocally inspires me, excites me and gladdens my heart. To the initiated, this book has infinite dimensions to play life with. It is their for us gratuitously. Can any thing stand before its munificence? It doesn't divide or discriminate. It doesn't sow seeds of discord. It conveys a message of peace and goodwill. It showers its blessings upon all freely. It only loves, feeds  and shelters. It is a resurgent force which is potently restorative. 

How it has patterned effusively with its green cover, our valleys, glens, mountains, and hill tops. It is their in wheat stalks, corncobs and numerous grain bearing plants which sustain mankind. it is their in the sweet smelling blazing beauty of the rose and in every bud and bloom.

It beckons us in spring to the magical charm of new life. In summer it fructifies and ripens our fruit and berries. The color and splendor of autumn is a feast for the eyes. Winter is their for reunions and renewals.Can one ask for more?

In the beginning of this creation of ours, this book supported and fed not only the human animal but legions of live organism nestling in its magnanimous fold. Our very existence was determined by the forces of nature. Our relatedness to nature was inherent in our very being. Modern  man has mostly separated himself from the overawing aspect of nature by understanding its working. However, man can neither sever his relatedness to nature nor ignore its significance in our lives. To do so would be to his own peril.

Friends, welcome here as always.


  1. mountain greenery, lovely scenery


  2. A very fresh perspective to nature, beautiful.

  3. Such a lovely shot! Green is indeed refreshing.

  4. Wonderful article on nature and its greenery aspect! I always believe nature is the best and trying to defeat it means destroying ourselves. Beautiful shot and you got wonderful chance staying over there and enjoying its scenery

  5. My first and only (and perhaps a repetitive one )reaction/comment is that You have a great balcony view.!

    1. Thanks Kokila.Yes the view is absolutely heavenly. At the moment i can see the green magic through the window.

  6. GREAT post and let us all take GOOD care of this GREEN book.

    abcw team

  7. Hari Om
    What a Gorgeous and Generous post Uppal-ji. The deodar have an ambiance all their own, too. YAM xx