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Thursday, September 25, 2014



After coming back to Patiala from the verdant  hills, where sky watch provided myriad palette of gorgeous panoramic scenarios, the sky watch in the plains with its concrete structures is a different ball game altogether. The image below testifies this assertion.  To adjust and experiment with the changed circumstances take time.

Shot today at 9am in the morning

Here is a complex but interesting frame of urban living where the real life  pulsates  cheek by jowl with bottle brush bushes, curry leaves, a guava tree, a Christmas tree and (side of) a Pine seen in the fore ground. A gate painted black, an electric meter, an  AC, a water tank on the roof (far ahead) are positive signs of a growing economy. A lone dove perched on the electric pole completes  this colorful picture.

Friends,welcome here as always!  


  1. Hari OM
    The sky was such a blank canvas it needed the life beneath to give it reference! Nicely done &*> YAM xx

  2. Pretty shot! There’s so much to observe in this single pic :)