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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Apropos indispire challenge how I’d spend a week without modern day gadgets…

Admitted that I have a long held habit of glancing at the newspaper headlines with my morning cup of tea, but this I can push aside without any remorse any time.  My favorite editorial page no longer enlightens like old days. Coverage of political events seem more  biased and less objective. Still, though infrequently, an incisive critique in a Sunday edition does stir my interest. However, to give that up is no big deal either.

Strangely, I’ve little fascination for modern day mania of mobile use. I have never tried to figure out the plethora of Apps vying for attention in all conceivable commercial ventures. My mobile use is limited to keeping in touch with my near and dear ones and well-wishers.

TV has long ceased to be any source of something, which is pleasurable. The last serial, which I watched a few episodes of, before the story was dragged to oceanic lengths, but now almost forgotten was ‘Jassi Jaisa Koi Nahi.’ I really loved the gawky and ingenuous Jassi in the brutally competitive world of fashion. About TV debates, less said the better. 

Therefore, friends do you think I’d have any regrets in giving up the above gadgets?  In fact, it’d be a situation like hitting a jackpot. I think like minded tribe is increasing by the day.

More time and my rendezvous with nature would widen its span. I’d  have plenty of time to linger in the park, while on my morning walk. I’d stop by the silver oaks, where my all weather friends: the capricious squirrels enact mind boggling display of their acrobatic skills. That too without entry tickets!  Birds on the trees will have an interested listener to their morning orchestra in the thick of foliage. The trees and other plants will swing back and forth in the cool breeze to impress the genuine admirer. My precious park companions would help me unwind by freezing the unpleasant moments. The purity of their cheerful bearing would open my mind to new ideas, for my love of writing.

At home front, more is always less.  My potted plants and herbs would be relieved to see me fussing over them lovingly. The gardener’s casual upkeep during four months of my absence had taken away their luster. The positive change in their looks would gladden my heart. What more could one ask for?  

My ‘Kindle’ in its red jacket pushed to a corner on my table looks livid because of my cold approach towards it for a long time. I know it’d come round with my loving caress and realization of our deepest and reverent bonds.

A few books, which always lift my spirits  with gems of wisdom, and provide immense pleasure would accompany me to my bed after dinner. Hours slip by in the quietude of concentration while reading your favorite books.

Time for specific trips to the market for the important shopping that was always  relegated to the end of lists for endless essentials.

 Small joys  always cheer me. I enjoy, sorting out the stuff in the cupboards to make the clothes breathe freely. The joyful gamble of coming across some items, which had been faded out of the memory zone, is an incentive enough to carry out the exercise.

Free time will  motivate me to assign regular hours for aerobic workouts and recommended exercises for my neck pain.

Not to forget the valuable time slot, which’d be available for ‘me’ time.  Up front would be introspection, focusing on self-improvement and on evolving an attitude of kindness and tolerance towards others. To develop enthusiastic participation in social causes would be  consciously contemplated.

Lack of time always stand in the way of executing pending tasks left in the lurch repeatedly. May be these have better luck this time.
In the absence of the onslaught of distractions, I’d laze around trying to hum lyrics of a much loved song. ‘Yeh zindgi usi ki hai jo kisi ka ho gya………
Friends, welcome to take ahead the conversation! 


  1. Super Uppalji. I have tried being away from any kind of gadget and it has worked wonders mentally, I all of a sudden felt I have uncluttered my mind and had so much time for myself be it books, a long walk and meeting friends over coffee and long talks. I couldn't continue it as i had to resume work and had to get on my laptop :) but can vouch its a technology detox!!

    1. Well said Shweta! I like the phrase 'Technology detox!'

  2. Until we are open mind to things, there’s lot to do and rediscover many activities we enjoyed doing so and interested to do. If there isn’t laptop with which I spent most of the time, I would be reading more books, and make as much possible going out in wheelchair in evening and recollect the memories with smile :)

    1. Hi Jeevan, you're absolutely right. But I do feel we can't say goodbye to all these gadgets for long?

  3. Hari OM
    It is a conundrum indeed, Uppal-ji. I certainly do not use the mobile phone (an old one for travel safety but nothing more); there is very little at all which is edifying on the tele-box; the computer is a difficult one. It has become as the refrigerator or the washing machine, both of which undoubtedly better life. I have spent prolonged times without p.c. and most definitely focus is improved on the tasks at hand. Yet it is an important tool for research and outreach.

    Prioritising is the key, I suppose. We simply have to take a decision of relevance. Can we live without modern conveniences? Of course we can. However, they are here and therefore we each must form a protocol of usage... That's my rant for the day!!! Great post and thanks for the prompt! YAM xx

  4. Hi Yamini, I do agree with your arguments. But as you pointed out, we need the Internet for sharing what we do, amongst our blog friends. It is a whole new world which is empowering all of us. I don't care much about cell phone or TV but Internet is a super entity which unites us globally.