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Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Friends, let me take this opportunity to position you back in history, around early nineteen forties. World War II had torn asunder humanity in the fire of hatred and  greed of territorial expansionism.  My dear father,(2nd world war veteran) was part of the British forces in Burma (now Myanmar) fighting the Japanese, who  had succeeded temporarily in taking control of BURMA. All of us know, how the war finally came to an end with the tragic bombing of twin JAPANESE cities of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

The lantern on the left,  was part of the family legacy. It was actually purchased from Burma by my late father during that period.  Later it's gifted to me by my parents.  Many  items with  'Made in Germany' label were available  there during those turbulent historic times.

My mother told me about a couple of similar lanterns  which lighted our house  during those days. I became conscious of their presence on the days of power black outs due to technical hitches. Later,  more convenient candles replaced these messy lanterns, as procuring kerosene became a job in itself. And these beautiful specimens of artistry were relegated to an Almira, meant for goods not in use.

For many years now, I got interested in its vintage qualities. It is approximately eighty years old and has  become partly rusty, simply because of neglect and over exposure to all types of weather conditions. In fact, now, I'm entranced by its its intricate structural looks. It is intact  in its every aspect, even after weathering the fangs of time. It is perfectly operational still.  That speaks volumes about the quality of  its workmanship. Made in Germany is embedded on its oil tank along with the word 'FEUERHAND' (visible in the close up image) in German. In a patterned circle on the tank, there is a logo depicting an outstretched hand with flames emanating from it. I'm thinking of ways to restore its beauty.

So friends, this is a slice of history, I take immense pleasure in sharing with you! 

Your thoughts on the subject are awaited!


  1. Wow Uppalji, its truly an amazing antique, especially when its not bought but inherited. :)

  2. Hari OM
    They are almost indestructible I think - and are still made in Germany to the same exacting standards. An heirloom worth attention! YAM xx

  3. Wonderful post and great shots for ABC ~ L!

    artmusedog and carol
    (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Thanks for sharing a this enlightening part of your life-history :)
    Lanterns are amazing. My granny's home had lots of Lanterns owing to power-cuts.

  5. It still holds the pretty old charm! Great knowing a part of this war veteran daughter