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Monday, October 20, 2014



India is a colorful country. One encounters novel situations at every step. It has uncertainties galore. On rare occasions there are unexpected 'good luck' moments, too. When one steps out, one braces up with a prayer on the lips to be able to face any challenge.  

In such a diverse country like ours, one wonders at the entrepreneurial skills of even completely uneducated people  living in one room tenements.

Last week I happen to visit an open air market which is a cheap replica of 'Flea Markets' in the West.  Mostly operating on weekends.  This one is held in a large open ground in the midst of a thickly populated area, on every Saturday. The said  ground is divided into three parts. One for vegetables and fruits, the second for hot snacks, cooked on the top of hand driven carts with gas cylinder tucked under the cart. The third one near the road displays the ready-made stuff for the whole family (the picture above).The garments on display are of cheap quality but the manufacturers have mastered the art of copying the designs of  famous brands. The children of lower middle class families wear these clothes, and from a distance they look no different from a child belonging to an upper economic class.

 IN FACT there is a textile revolution in India. Dresses which last long are available at unbelievably cheap rates. Most of the people barring very poor, can afford to buy them and they look like new after every wash.  Apart from that, shoes, bedsheets, towels and a lot more stuff is always up for sale.

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  1. I always admire the colors and patterns of fabric worn by Indian women.
    Thank you for visiting and sharing at

  2. Hari Om
    A well-shared insight! Wishing you SHUBH DEEPAVALLI Uppal-ji! YAM xx

  3. I love such markets, Uppalji :)
    They have great stuff.

  4. These markets are usually fun to visit... Great shot, thanks for sharing.. Enjoy the rest of your week!