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Thursday, October 16, 2014



We had  state elections in two states- Haryana and Maharashtra on 15th October. Voters in  large numbers thronged the polling booths to cast their votes, to elect representatives for the Legistative Assemblies of their respective states. The people  enthusiastically participated in the process of election. The picture shows the  women voters in a village of Haryana, waiting outside a polling  booth for their turn to cast  vote. 

Why I posted this picture to share with you is to show  the diversity and plurality of Indian cultural traditions, which are rooted in the collective consciousness of people.   It was surprising to see  young women smartly clad in their colorful embroidered dresses, but covering their faces with long veils. Even I was unaware that women in Haryana villages, still follow this age old regressive custom of veiling their faces from the village elders. It seems so incongruous in modern India which is surging ahead in almost every field.

Where is women empowerment here? What is intriguing is why these young women are conforming to the cruel diktats of the old men folks, who should be respected but not allowed to exercise authority on issues which lower women's dignity. It appears that Haryana which evidently is a progressive state, has  a long way to go before they are able to quell the inclinations towards gender bias.  Punjab the state I belong to, has overcome this long back.

Image courtesy: The Tribune

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  1. It’s so unusual and surprises me as well to see women still worn to veil! The empowerment of women has reached so well but this proves they aren’t quite. Hope to see changes in scene very soon

  2. The changing times in India Uppalji.

  3. Hari OM
    A fine line between being demure and being suppressed; the latter is certainly to be eradicated. Does this mean that there should be a loss of the demure? Much of of the opposite is visible in modern living and I am not entirely convinced it is a positive. YAM xx