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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


'C' is for care

I’ll here touch upon two opposite concepts, which are in fact, choices before us to determine the course of our lives. These are, care versus neglect.

The notion of opposites is unmistakably woven in the tapestry of our lives. One exists because of the other.

Care is such a sweet and inspiring concept. It encompasses in its semantic fold plethora of positive emotions. The concept of care is inextricably linked to our existence as social beings. It entails spontaneity of action in the expression of love, compassion, regard and a sense of responsibility towards our dear ones, our friends and society in general. It promotes and enriches the gift of life and stands for love for humanity. It is the cornerstone for the success of our short odyssey on this earth. Care is a magical concept if genuine and lubricates the wheels of human relationships.
The idea of care makes or mars romantic love. The articulation of the phrase ‘I care for you’ opens the door for the deluge of feel good emotions. The starry-eyed soars on cloud nine. It means you matter; your well-being is of utmost importance to the other. Your self-esteem, confidence and love of life increases tenfold. It affirms life as a  unique blessing

Care is therapeutic too. Long back, when my loving parents were alive, we’d visit them often. On one visit, as we stepped on the verandah, I could see through the net door, dear father lying on the bed and my mother tending to him.  Unfortunately, dad had a nasty fall and badly bruised his elbow and knee and mom was trying to dress his wounds. He looked shaken. For a second, he gazed at me with the distinctive emotion of his, which he had reserved for his daughter. It was like a soothing electric current. I understood and took over the task from mom. Tenderly and uttering soothing nothings, I cleaned and dressed slightly oozing abrasions and instantly he regained his usual welcoming, frame of mind. My little act of true concern helped in lifting his spirits and he recovered soon thereafter.

On the other hand, its complete opposite is the negative emotion of neglect, utter disregard for others, complete selfishness, never imagining oneself being in other's shoes, indifference and disinterestedness in general. It is an undesirable emotion, which only generates unhealthy vibes. The company of such a person is never welcome, and is rather avoided. Such people’s fragile egos don’t acknowledge or recognize others’ contribution to their success stories. They’re self-centered. Their armor is the show of self-righteousness. Either they practice torture of silence or nonstop monologue.

Carelessness has many harmful ramifications in the smooth flow of our social ties. It is no virtue. It is a hurtful trait to have, in whatever capacity or circumstance you live your life.

Old people if ignored by their children go into depression and never recover as they lose the will to live. Just imagine the fate of children neglected by their parents. They fall into bad company, lag behind in studies, start making excuses to escape punishment and soon degenerate into self-destruct. They self-deny the life enhancing attributes, which boost our confidence level to face challenges boldly.

Let’s remind ourselves time and again that qualities of care and kindness go a long way in easing out the bumps of life. These facilitate our taking the right route towards a more purposeful  sojourn here.

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Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. Hari OM
    Wonderful words for the wellness activity of caring!!! YAM xx

  2. "Carlessness.. It is no virtue." A powerful truth, neglect of parents, children or any friends or loved ones is the saddest state of existence. You are right that to feel unloved and uncared for leads to depression and even to the point of desiring not to live. Yet the opposite, can lift spirits, encourage, guide, comfort, and add so very much to life. I am so very blessed now to have a husband who cares for me in the very best manner. I also remember what it is like to have the opposite. This was a very thoughtful, well written post. Thank you for sharing it with us Uppal!

  3. "Their armor is the show of self-righteousness. Either they practice torture of silence or nonstop monologue." You're right, they are examples of one being neglectful. I never thought of it that way before. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. Lovely C word, Uppalji!
    May we all be blessed with care & comfort!
    Totally agree :)

  5. Most interesting Uppalji, we all need some one to care for. I have written about my little cat and she cares for me, she licks my hand if she can. Cats are the most caring creatures, my cat will sit on my lap forever, if allowed.
    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  6. now that is some gyaan for share , I wish and hope everyone is cared for always


  7. If we don't CARE for each other, what do we have, really?