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Thursday, January 29, 2015


For my morning walk,
I prefer  the solitude of the park.
There I see my best friends,
Engrossed in their silent errands.
It so happened one day-
Trees, birds and squirrels spoke as the month turned May.
Little stunned but not unresponsive,
Listened to their gripes, not the least apprehensive.

Trees stepped ahead-
Where is the gardener the boorish fool?
How he maims us with his blunt tools.
Says the tree, ‘he is unkind and lazy,
Doesn’t prune me before it is wintry hazy.
Saps my energy to keep the leaves afloat,
Ignores my water needs till I revolt.

The birds impatiently intervened-
Spitting the bread crumbs poorly leavened.
How come the grass is never mowed?
Uncovers no grubs, which stay ungorged.
Why is the filth scattered here,
To toxify our bodies, how you dare?

The fluffy tailed know how to bewitch.
Smartly squirrels let their presence felt,
Seeing their naughty chase, my heart did melt.
 Forthwith, I promised another meeting,
With genuine commitment, sans tweaking.

A post for IndiSpire...

Friends,welcome here as always.


  1. Beautiful poem.. Spending time with nature is very relaxing & refreshing :)

  2. Hari OM
    Evocative mental pictures created! YAM xx

  3. Loved it, Uppal jee
    Solitude and rhythm with nature!!

  4. Nicely shared, Uppalji :)
    Thought of greenery & a park!

  5. Beautiful composition and I could easily connect with images as seen from your blog posts. Nice perspective with lines