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Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Now I realize, what a miraculous gift it is, to have a sound and refreshing good night's sleep. Waking up fully rested, energized and happy is an incomparable  blessing.What more to wish for than to start the day, on a positively proactive mode. Medical scientists and our personal experiences corroborate the theory that good night's sleep is  of utmost importance to function at your best both physically and mentally.

 I can't help  reminiscing  about those days wistfully and with no less than a tug at my heart strings, when I'd fall asleep sitting with a book in my lap during exam days. it was dear mother's duty to wake me up early in the morning for a quick revision of  the syllabus. The alarm clock always took pity on me and failed to  nudge me out of my sleep cycle. Where are those days, I lament? My poor and disturbed sleep gives me many anxious moments these days?Kindly, don't conclude  that I might not be practicing those proven and inviting rituals to welcome the reigning queen to grace my sleeping chamber. But it is not only elusive but also downright snooty, sees through all my tricks and remains mostly unimpressed. I follow the stuff mentioned in numerous  articles on the web, where thoughtfully crafted panaceas are  suggested to allure as well as to appease the willful goddess. 
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Like, for example hovering around the bed and making fake  changes in the position of the quilt and pillow and subsequently, to pat the bed piously with an expectant expression. I also ensure that the philosophically dense book is placed on the side table for the last minute read. And then a drama of slowing down the actively charged body is enacted. For that, winding up for the day rituals begin on a consciously slow pace. The marathon runs of the day are put to rest. In earnest, I utter words of gratitude under breath to the Almighty, for its grace and magnanimity for a  productive day. Even after all these takes, the capricious queen may or may not oblige.... So much for the lighter vein!

Due deliberations and Internet research have brought out some facts, which point fingers  at the real  culprits of the raging malaise. Worries and stress are the trigger points for lack of sleep. These keep our  nervous system constantly on the alert. Our nerves can't cope with  our frenetic life style of meeting the deadlines to  be positioned squarely on the promotional radar.This apart, tensions built up over time, add up, causing health issues as well as cracks in  family relationships also. That further strains the body mind rhythm. Consequently, falling asleep and staying asleep turns into a battle.

Medical issues of old age, coupled with  aches and pains  result in insomnia which has become an alarming problem. The insomniacs worry themselves to aggravation of the malady.

Let's hope that before long medical science will come up with breakthrough discoveries to overcome this and many more maladies, which keep us on the edge.


  1. Hari OM
    Insomnia is my pal. Used to be an enemy. But I decided to disarm it and now we rub along with the agreement that when it want's to visit, I make highly productive use of the time it provides; but the other side of the deal is it is only allowed to do this at maximum twice a week.

    Somehow this is working! YAM xx

  2. Sleep is a beautiful thing and man realizes only when he is deprived of it.


  3. The past few days, I have been so groggy with sleep and I was blaming myself for sleeping so much.. But I guess I take back those words now :)

  4. Very true! Good sleep is the ideal for day long working and i have experienced it many times... A forceful wake up means confound. Nice reading with zzzzzzz

  5. I love my sleep nothing comes in between, I too love reading before I sleep, very nice article :)

  6. I know I should get to sleep earlier, but there's so much to do!


  7. Hello Uppalji, I have nominated you for the very inspiring blog award, hope you accept it, you can view your nomination here

  8. Thanks a lot Shweta! I accept it of course. Let me see,what I'm supposed to do?