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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The eternal truth of human condition is succinctly expressed  by Sophocles in his Greek tragedy ''Oedipus the King."  It's  was staged in 429 BC in Athens.The above riddle was posed to Oedipus by the 'Sphinx' at the entrance of the legendary city of Thebes. Oedipus with his extraordinary wisdom solved it and then was allowed entry to the city. The play is a tragic elucidation of the rise and fall of the great king Oedipus.

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 E is for equilibrium

You and I envision the idea of noble mores,

That embodies harmony beyond boundaries and shores.

Life’s sailing boat pulls all stops as it goes,

Grappling, traversing the turbulence up, and close.

Chances, incidents, cause and effect, seal life’s tale,

And keep us on the run, to saturate life wholesale.

Dunes of past, present and future are takes, absolute,

Of holistic, divine calendar, that’s stubbornly resolute.

Could sages, saints and thinkers, the mystery of life unfold?

The wonder stands intact and the story remains untold.

The curious human ingenuity digs deep for, some secret potions,

To reveal life’s purpose, meaning or to clarify all our notions.

Well, let’s seek equilibrium, dynamic, come what may,

Stepping on the road less traveled, hoping, it might pay.

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  1. Equilibrium
    Such a well balanced word !
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  2. And what is the answer to that riddle? We all, somehow, seek balance in life. With our partner or with the world around us.

  3. Is the answer the shadow of something?

    1. The answer to the riddle is man's life itself. The first stage ,when the baby crawls on all fours, then the( noon of our life) period,when we use our two legs and lastly the old age(the evening of life) when we use a stick for balance.

  4. I love that riddle, I have read it somewhere before. :-) We do all seek to find the meaning and the answers to life, but for the most part it eludes us. I agree with you that balance is the best way to be at peace with our lives, and always to test out the road less travelled, it often proves to be far more interesting with much to learn!

  5. I DID know the answer to the riddle! Could not have given the citation, though.


  6. Loved it, Uppal jee

    Equilibrium! The word itself has so much depth but never do we ponder over it in so much depth!

    Always a pleasure to have you on board!

  7. I reread the poem and reread, come away with various interpretations. It is really good because it makes you ponder life and the roads we all take.

  8. Equilibrium - a much needed thing.
    I loved reading the poem in this post.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  9. The answer of course is mankind having now the experience of all three! Regardless of that even now walking or hobbling on the road less traveled is still my option just in case there is something more to learn.

  10. Loved the riddle. We've a saying in Bengali based on this riddle...

    Equilibrium is the key word to every way of life...nicely expressed...

  11. Balance in life is hard to achieve and about the time you do you begin to lose it.