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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


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ABC Wednesday     TWO SHOES TUESDAYl                  WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

D is for delight and deluge.

Tangled webs and lengthening shadows,
Can’t freeze the blessed delights or dewy meadows.
Pain or grief may intermittently fall in torrents,
Yet to wallow in apathy is surely abhorrent.

Flashes of ecstasy, may in number be few,
See, how they bedeck life’s multi-layered stew! 
Youthful aberrations deserve righteous censure,
Yet, toiled triumphs call for applause in good measure.

Amidst deluge of tears and anguished pining,
The new day’s womb may carry a silver lining.
Isn’t a child’s angelic smile a heavenly boon?
To bury the negativities and push us to croon.

Can one stop the ripple of dreams in a bride’s mind?
Though, noose and fire may end the unbearable grind.
Evil forces that axe the human ties,
Are weaker than those who smooth the billowing cries.

The floodgates of hatred may seem overflowing,
Yet,the potent human spirit’ll never cease growing.
Let’s live life as a sacred endowment,
With the ammo of love as the only armament

Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. That Keller quote has long been a favorite of mine and I rarely see it. This was great . I was feeling a bit dismal and negative after looking at international news.Those last two stanza were especially poignant today after seeing more news of the world.

  2. Amazing words with lovely picture, very nicely done .
    Have a beautiful day :)

  3. Lovely words & thoughts. Great pic, Uppalji.
    Wish love triumphs over evil forces.

  4. Hari OM
    This is brilliantly done! YAM xx

  5. Not only should we embrace life and enjoy it and we should make other's lives beautiful too. We must try to rise above the hate and cruelty and be careful not to judge others for being different from ourselves. I am glad you think this way too.

  6. Wonderful poem, and lovely photo!

  7. This was such a beautiful composition, Uppaljee.

    Loved it and shared it across.
    Thanks for the linkup :)

  8. What beautiful verses, Uppal! I love how you have contrasted the good and bad, the struggles and the joys, and come to the conclusion that love and light are the dominant forces. "Life is an endowment"... I like that concept! Thank you!

  9. By the way, I think you will like next week's prompts very much! :-))

  10. Wonderful poem. Always look on the bright side of life. Most definitely. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  11. Beautiful poem that makes a huge impact on life:)

  12. Beautiful, no words for praise.
    The title of post speaks volume :)

  13. That is a beautiful quote by Helen Keller. The light is stronger than the dark. There is hope and inspiration in these verses.

  14. Hello and welcome to Nature Notes... I love what you said on your profile " A retiree,a senior citizen with an insatiable desire to keep learning and experimenting.Nature is my constant inspiration in life's challenges."... I agree totally and feel the same way. I love the pretty rose and the prose..I admire anyone with this kind of talent and do hope to see you again in Nature Notes...Michelle

  15. So much in life is hard and often cruel but darkness cannot overcome the light. Light is always the victor.

  16. Yes, let us live our lives as a sacred endowment. Beautiful.

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