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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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'M' is for morning

My morning starts when my ears respond to the crescendo of avian noises sneaking in through the closed doors. As if, all the notes of a musical instrument have been  pressed simultaneously. Well, even that at that spiritual hour feels like a boon.  

Moreover, it brings to the fore the blessedness of being alive and responsive. That your senses are alert enough to soak in the uniqueness of the atmospherics. The feeling creates joyful and blissful vibrations. The gentle act of waking up and the consciousness of that happening, manifest the silent welcome you accord to the birth of a new day. The motivating forces  slowly take charge to set the benign  character of the day.

Morning time is sacred and resonates piety. It is pure and virgin unpolluted by the frenzy of human activity. Darkness of the night gives place not only to the light of the day but also symbolizes the lesson of hope a new bloom generates while embellishing your yard. Morning time is fresh and cool as a flower, which is tenderly opening up out of its bud as a gorgeous entity.

Being a retiree, my morning is wholly solely my own. I’m under no scrutiny. I follow a flexible ritualistic blueprint.  I consider following a routine as the byword for ensuring the success of the day. It also promotes mental and physical wellness.
Drawing the curtains aside, I’ve a glimpse of the early morning freshness, imbibing internally the special ambiance of the moment. My gaze rests on the flowerpots and the new blooms resplendent in their virgin glory beckoning me to be with them. The spring flowers seem irresistible. Out I go to have a close meeting with them. Our eyes meet in deep understanding. Sometimes a tiny dewdrop perched on the edge of a flower petal or a blade of grass catch attention. You gape at it in wonder. The artistry of nature is beyond replication.

Unlocking the gate, I come back inside. Sipping my morning cup of tea, I visualize my day. A new day is always brimming with possibilities. Like a bud before it transforms itself into heavenly hues. It makes you conscious about the potential of novel insights to explore and enjoy. You mind map your day to pick, choose and balance the pragmatics of the prospects. Essential it is; otherwise, you waste time in loosely planned, half-hearted efforts.

Wrapped in the serenity of the moment, I move around, slowly and steadily, performing the usual tasks in a relaxed mode, awaiting and hopeful for a fulfilling day. The act is akin to meditation. It involves soothing concentration.  The presence of an energizing life force palpable in the transparency of the morning exudes positivity and inspiration. Spontaneously the silence of the mind repeats words of a personal prayer and thankfulness to omnipresent Almighty for the umpteen benedictions floating modestly.

The natural flow of the day, surefooted as it is takes over the mechanics of the onward journey soon.

Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. Even though this is "F" week, I really like how you talked about the morning and its feelings and images and sensory experiences.

  2. Hari OM
    What a wonderful sense of presence you have given us! YAM xx

  3. Delightful prose. I share your feelings about being retired. I love it.
    Thank you for sharing such meaningful ideals with us.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team .

  4. Enjoyed your writing style..!

  5. Loved your morning progression...I'm on the same wavelength...♪

  6. I have Morning Is Broken stuck in my mind!


  7. Beautiful Uppal ma'am, love the way you write!

  8. Just reading this was a most peaceful and beautiful medication, I can visualize you starting your day in this manner, introspectively, and I would like to swap the hectic pace of my early mornings for yours! :-) I do believe that the way we begin the day sets the tone for the whole day. I would love to see photographs of your flowers!

  9. Arrggh, typos! Not medication, meditation!! ::-)

  10. No doubt mornings are blissful compare to any other moment... and it’s quite inspiring waking up early. I completely go with you on the dawn. Beautifully depicted the moment