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Monday, April 20, 2015


 Spring's surprises:

 This is the oldest cactus variety I'd which survived our long absenteeism and our gardener's apathy. I  started following the journey of the buds when they first appeared as tiny dark blobs.Within a couple of days they grew this much (above) ready to flower. I's excitedly waiting for the moment to click the tender beauties . But this was not to be. When they opened their petals it was raining and unexpected strong wind felled them. I'll have to wait another six months to get that chance again. It is alright. Nature  does play tricks off and on.   

                              The orange hued flowers are coming up profusely inside the

                              net fence across our boundary wall.

         A neighbor's bougainvillea bush resplendent with light purple blossoms.

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  1. Gorgeous flowering in that last shot.

  2. Sorry the weather ruined your chance of seeing the cactus bloom..It is a pretty plant. And I love the gorgeous bougainvillea.. Lovely images, have a happy week!

  3. Very beautiful photos on flowers! Looking at the buds I expected you to post them at blossom, later... but nature seems to not show up.

  4. I hate that ups and downs of nature. I was waiting for Cherry Blossom bloom and strong winds and rain played havoc.

  5. Please post a photo of your cactus blossom. I had cacti for a while, but none of them ever, ever bloomed!

  6. Hi Bibi,
    Thanks! As I've mentioned above, the unexpected rain ruined the flowers. However, if by chance another bud comes up I'll certainly wait for the bloom and click it right away.

  7. Excellent photos! Your neighbor's plant is popping PINK.
    JM, IL

  8. Oh no. I am sorry that the weather changed before you could see the blooms, but you have other beautiful flowers to enjoy... Michelle