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Monday, June 29, 2015


Road side pillow store!

 Now you can ask me what is this mini craft fair doing in the hills. I too was surprised, when I saw a man sitting beside this pile on the road side. It's around 5 o'clock in the evening when we're out for a walk. I went up to him to see the two types of pillows, he was selling. He told me that he belonged to Uttar Pradesh (it is the largest state both population and area wise in India) and that they have formed a group which gets this cotton material from the bazaar. After stitching they fill  the pillow covers with cotton and go to different parts of the country to sell on road sides. He seemed satisfied with the profit he's making.

Today, it is cloudy and dark. I went up to the lawn  and clicked these two pictures to share with you. Many plants of this variety of flowers are growing in the lawn of our complex.

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  1. They look very pretty and I think it is a very good idea to sell them directly to the people !

  2. Pretty colorful pillows, I hope the vendor makes a profit. Your hydrangea is beautiful, lovely blooms. Have a happy day!

  3. The pillow photo is so colorful - neat shot!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Peonies are such dainty, lovely blooms - I like the color on yours. Those pillows are an interesting array of shapes and designs. I like them!

  5. i like all those colorful pillows!

  6. Lovely hydrangea blooms.

  7. Loved the pillows Uppal ji .. they are vibrant and the flowers too .. they are elegant :)
    PS tagged you for the 3 day quote challenge . Hope you'd enjoy it :) :)

  8. Very colorful pillows and flowers. I admire the ability some people have to make things... Happy Weekend... Michelle