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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Friends, with this post I'm joining an interesting meme in which the hosts give a half statement followed by blank space. The participant is required to complete the sentence with his/her ideas and thoughts. Below is my offering for the 2nd week.The highlighted portion comprises the given words.


1. Everyone should read Erich Fromm’s ‘MAN FOR HIMSELF.’ ERICH FROMM is an American writer of 20th century, who is renowned for his psychological insights viz-a viz the existential and ethical crisis in which the modern man lives. It is a comprehensive book underlining the symptoms and solutions for the undesirable and stifling conditions of our times.

2. My first poem, which I composed when I was about twelve, was a short poem expressing my interest in nature and its various manifestations. By the way, it was recited in the children’s program on ‘All India Radio’ of those days.

3. My favorite time of the day is morning because the cool and serene atmosphere makes me feel blessed. A few minutes of meditation and some light exercises prepare me to start the day with vigor and renewed enthusiasm. It inspires me to be proactive and plan my day successfully.

4. I think dreams represent jumble of images related in some intricate way to our present or past experiences, which have influenced the workings of our mind. These images reside in our subconscious and find release during dreams when the mind is free sans daytime controls.

Friends, welcome here as always! 

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  1. Good to know so much about you, ma'am. Must be a great feeling that your poem was aired on radio. A big achievement for a little girl.

  2. Uppal, I am so pleased that you joined in. I did have trouble with your link; you may want to check it so others can find you.

    I am familiar with Erich Fromm and have read this book. I would love to read your poem. What a great way to encourage young writers, to recite their poetry! Early mornings are a good time for me to do outside chores and reflect on the coming day. I agree with you about dreams. I think our mind uses this as a way of sorting our experiences and thoughts.

    Thank you for joining us. I am happily following you, too. Hugs.