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O is for 'Old is Gold.'

Sorry for posting late. Sometimes it takes a while to zero in on a topic. Yet here I'm:

The proverb “Old is Gold” has always enjoyed a kind of universal endorsement in everyday conversations. Without going into the history of its emergence, it can be safely asserted that it has sustained its significance in subtly enfolding in its rhymed persona some acclaimed truths. It evidently epitomizes the wisdom of centuries propounded by some great soul. Let’s widen our discussion by first trying to understand its meaning.

“Old is Gold” subsumes under its sagacious canopy that old things have priceless value not measured by any prevalent benchmarks. Antique furniture, old artefacts, ancient architecture of famous monuments, old designs and quality of textiles , old friends, strong family bonds and ancient corridors of learning et all are fantastic testimony of our ancestors' fertile imagination, utilitarian outlook, deep intellect, intense creativity, loads of patience and single-minded devotion to explore  every avenue of life.

Taj Mahal at Agra India, a marvel of enchanting beauty.

For example, ancient alternative medicine Ayurveda’s herbal potions with proven medical benefits signify and manifest the glory of the past. There used to be a few ailments, a lot more contentment, and positivity. The hollowness of individualism has not yet crept into the human psyche.

Most of us will agree that our past too was undoubtedly a golden period of new ideas. The scientists and mathematicians of the past grappled with the hypothesis and did intensive experiments and laid the foundations of future researches in specific fields. Their footprints paved the way for unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. The past intellectuals left a path-breaking legacy that helped the present day researchers to have a foothold rather than start from scratch.

Their visions and painstaking efforts in diverse fields acted as vanguards for modern technological advancements. Our life in the 21st century is so different from the past still we keep singing paeans of the virtues of good old days.

In some respects, old will be cherished as something very sacred. Simultaneously we realize how much the present day innovative miracles have revolutionized our lives in a manner unimagined even half a century back.

Human life is unique with unlimited possibilities. Man will keep evolving to mind-blowing heights. Yet the continuity of past with the present and future will remain and there will never be an absolute break.

Friends welcome here as always! Pl.share your perspective on the subject. 

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  1. I agree with your points.
    We need to understand that 'old is gold' and preserve and protect the knowledge and monuments etc...
    India has so much that we are not aware. Such heritage is our pride.

    Out Of Sight & Out Of This World - Anita

  2. Hari om
    The term is nosta!gic. Nostalgia is from Greek, meaning 'return home pain' (homesickness). Often, when we return home we get reminded why we left... in the future, others will be nostalgic for our "now". Ever tnus! YAM xx

  3. Very much logical write up and totally agree with your views, specially loved the way you have explained the scientists and mathematicians issue.

  4. Hello, I look back at many happy memories and place. Then I always look forward to the future. Great post. Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead! PS, thanks for your visit.

  5. Agree fully with you. "Old is gold"..!

  6. I was able to sneak this comment in and let you know that I did add this link...

  7. So interesting to think about! I think it's so important to embrace change and the future, but certain things remain 'gold', like character, honesty, integrity. They never go out of style.

  8. nice blog...enjoyed reading :)