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Monday, September 10, 2012


I’m not an aficionado of watching T.V., but I do have opinions. The last serial, I watched, long back, was ‘Jassi Jaisa Koi Nahin’ and enjoyed the few earlier episodes where Jassi, an awkward, bespectacled , small town girl, was trying to have a foothold in the fashion house where she worked as an apprentice and bore the insults of her coworkers regarding her simple and gawky looks. She obviously was a misfit in a place where there was so much of affectation, backbiting and one-upmanship. Her portrayal elicited sympathy and many middle class girls must have related to her. But as the popularity chart showed upward swing, the serial lost the vision of purpose and dragged it ad nauseum, killing the concept. That was the culmination of my date with soap operas. The ones played these days, with their gaping eyed mannequins as men and women, enacting irritatingly banal plots, are hardly watchable, to say the least.
TV debates I do sit for, mostly on two English channels, not out of necessity but out of habit. Sometimes the scenario is so unpleasant that switching to some other channel remains the only option. However, my watching decision is panelists specific. I admire Swapan Dasgupta for his in depth analysis of the political scenario, concisely and effectively sans malice and he really enlightens the viewer. He’s charm and equanimity and his arguments are never off the mark. There are some who usurp the maximum amount of time and go on and on breathlessly uttering half truths and thereby derailing the issue and the poor viewer loses the context of the argument. How discerning the viewer has to be, to pick the truth from the hype and muddle of wordplay which many participants indulge in?
But I enjoy the women power in such debates in the persons of Madhu kishwar founder of Manushi, Simriti Irani, Kirran Kher for their spunk in taking on those who distort and twist facts to confuse the issue debated. Another lady whom I admire for her manners and poise is Nirmala Sitaraman. She puts her point of view forcefully but never provokes as some others do. I also like to listen to Shobhaa De for her no holds barred approach on national issues though I don’t agree with her all the time. I’m staunch fan of Kiran Bedi for her sincerity in espousing and promoting national causes.
I love to sit through dance reality shows where one can see so much talent, innovative dancing and the desire to excel on the part of participants. It is heartening to know that generation X is all set to go places in whatever field they choose. They try to live their dreams which is inspiring. The one I am hooked to these days is ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja' on ‘Colours’, particularly because of Madhuri Dixit being one of the judges. She herself is an accomplished dancer and a fine actress to boot, along with beauty and glamour.. Her comments actually educate about the nuances of the art form and its fusion with the projected theme of the act.
But I feel embarrassed about a participant who is a stand up comedian (Bharti ) but ostensibly is included in the show for providing cheap entertainment which sucks. Her obesity is made a butt of some unpalatable jokes. Trashy scripted antics in fact, dilute the quality of the show. I’d wish there is more of dance and less of acrobatics in the name of dance. I don’t know why they have left out Indian dance forms which are so entrancing, graceful and expressive.
Another annual show which showcases treasure trove of talent is the recently concluded music extravaganza “Indian Idol” on Sony. I’d like the organizers to consider top three contestants in some winning category e.g. winner of the title, first runner up and second runner up to encourage the gifted youngsters who were equally brilliant in required styles of singing
Watching movies on television is no priority at all. Long drawn, utterly boring sequences, larger than life characters, contrived and predictable situations, poor story line, buffoonery in the name of comedy, overdose of sexual innuendos and feelings of déjà vu repel viewing. So the filmmakers add the ubiquitous item numbers to attract the front benchers.
However, the likes of pure romance as  ‘Jab we Met’ are entertaining.Chilling social realities taken up in Gangajal, Apharan and Sarkar were outstanding in their portrayal of the abysmal low of the underbelly of the system.
Some old classics always enthrall and leave impact. Who can forget Mughal e azam,Ganga Jamuna, Amarpali, Pakeeza, Kagaj Ke Phool and many more for their cinematic excellence?
Television is a tremendously powerful medium of communication. Let it not be used for misinformation or for achieving vested interests.

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  1. Good to see you back Uppalji.

    Good to note that you watch TV shows , and write about them too. Madhu Kishwarji is a decent person with a cause. I like her too.

  2. Thanks Pattu,
    Yes i do for a change.