Thursday, September 27, 2012


Some disturbing trends proliferating in society catch your attention and you can’t help mulling over them. My observation in two states in the span of a few months has convinced me that a particular malaise is widespread and a telling symptom of the moral collapse of the youth of our country. How our youth is increasingly being misguided into a self destructive mode, is a point worth pondering! There seems to be a complete erosion of values which guided all of us in the past.

The case in point is the increasing inclination towards irresponsible drinking habits amongst our young population. A few days back we were on our daily walking regime in the park, when I saw some littered stuff near a bench. On closure inspection, it became evident that some people had a drinking session in the safe twilight hour. There were plastic tumblers, left over of snacks and small liquor bottles scattered there. On enquiry it was revealed by the residents who have their residences around, that some boys invaded the peace at night, guzzled alcohol and  were forced to leave by some brave hearts with a warning.
However such elements roam freely, indulge in questionable behaviour and pose a danger to the peace loving citizens. These are the ones who violate laws, snatch chains, commit day light robberies, and take part in kidnapping to make easy money. They indulge in drunken driving, cause accidents and take innocent lives. One can imagine the fate of their families suffering in silence. But can they absolve themselves of the blame? There are many such worrying examples reported in the press day in and day out.
A similar scenario, confronted me in Himachal Pradesh. One day, while enjoying a morning walk on Nahan road, we saw card board cases of branded liquor bottles, eatables and glasses thrown indiscriminately by the side of the newly constructed parapets. At many places empty bottles and food stuff containers are seen littered on the road itself. What impressions are created in the vulnerable minds of children, who pass by such scenes on their way to school? Once I saw stray dogs licking left out liquor in the abandoned glasses
The disillusioned youth take recourse to wrong choices and naively think that such actions make them trendy, in sync with the fickle world of movies. Most of the movies are harbingers of negative aspirations among the youth. They try to relate themselves to the larger than life images shown on celluloid and get a jolt, when these acts land them into trouble and public censure. For example drinking, sex and nudity are integrated in the screen play for its own sake, to titillate the youth who constitutes the large chunk of film goers.
Drinking has become a fashion these days even among highly educated and respectable families. There is always a danger of social drinking leading to alcoholism which has ruined many families. Murders, rapes, suicides and other forms of violence under the influence of liquor are daily occurrences these days. Women and Children are the worst victims of such episodes.
Since the excise duty on alcoholic drinks is high and also Governments earn huge amounts as revenue in the auctioning process of liquor joints, the ruinous effects of drinking are sidelined for the sake of taxes which get generated to fill the empty state coffers. Mushrooming of vends selling this stuff is evident every where, when you drive through the highways.
The easy availability of alcohol without any checks emboldens our youth, too young to gauge the consequences of their dangerous forays. A few months back(as reported in the newspaper) a couple of school girls, accompanied by boys, skipped their tuition classes and went in for experimenting with drinking and were found vomiting in a park by the police. In ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Rock Star’ the heroines drink liquor neat and I’m sure, that was the inspiration for these girls to copy the act. These poor girls didn’t know perhaps that it was part of acting, at the most with coke filled bottles. One can imagine the stigma and lifelong mental scars which the girls and their families will have to suffer in a society which slanders rather than supports.
Many parents in their pursuit of glitzy possessions remain oblivious of the activities of their wards thinking that they’ve discharged their duty if they stuff their children’s pockets with moolah. Such an attitude of indifference and neglect results in the undoing of the children. Avoidable tragedies happen and the families are doomed for the rest of their lives.
Here are a few suggestions:
Parents must monitor their wards' lives to the extent possible. They should be weaned away from excessive use of addictive phone applications and virtual cyber world, which isolates them from the real world resulting in psychosomatic problems, which can wreak their lives.
Parents’ and teachers should always keep the communication channels open with the children and teens, creating a comfort zone where they can discuss their problems with them freely.
A provision of counselling for all kids should be there in the school curriculum, where such habits take birth.
The teachers must encourage children to frequent libraries and help them choose good motivational books.
Taking part in sports should be compulsory for youngsters to canalize their energies in healthy pursuits
T.V. viewing should be monitored and time limit put in place.
Rich parents in place of spoiling their kids with expensive gifts should take interest in their lives and imbibe in them the spirit of giving to the less fortunate.
Vocational education for teaching employable skills should be introduced from lower levels to ward off frustrations. All children are not made for higher education.
Elders should lead by example rather than by precept.
The Police must take stringent action against violators of law and judiciary must ensure speedy justice with deterrent sentence.
Members of civil society should not look the other way when they see teens indulging in unlawful acts. Concerted efforts by all sections of society are needed to steer the youth towards the right path.
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  1. Very well thought and wonderfully presented!

  2. Hi Amit,
    Welcome and thanks for appreciation.

  3. A thought provoking post , on a serious issue.

    All the time we are told western culture is spoiling our traditional Indian values. But in US or other European countries, young people are not served alcohol in the bars/restaurants. They are constantly asked to show their age proof. Law is enforced strictly by and large. But here public parks are vice grounds once the daylight is out. Who is checking this?.

    The parents, as you rightly pointed out, are responsible to a large extent. Leaving the kids to their fate and bad company, parents do not have inclination to follow their progress in life , in all respects.

    I have seen Dads, drinking outside homes, and quietly slipping into the house. They will not show to their children, that they consume alcohol once in a while. It is all hush hush. The guilt grows on the parent. If they want to drink, they should do so at home in front of children, telling them it is not for them , till they are big enough.

    I have seen families , which enjoy social drinking, have a free time with their children, where children have been brought up to understand , that the drinks are for adults. I have also seen such children have no desire to become drunkards, but drink only occasionally or not at all.

    These are all isolated examples only. Unless parents and society take care of the child's growth, the youth becomes wayward, without anyone answering his questions or his anxieties.

    Again this is only one angle there are many more to contemplate.

    You and I are worried and talk about this. But our children do not have these problems. Those whose , do, are not bothered.

    Now figure out who is to be blamed.

    You inspire me to write lengthy comment.:-)

  4. Uppalji,

    I liked this post very much. Should I post this on my blog too? What do you say?

  5. Hi Pattu,
    Thanks a lot on giving your perspective on the issue. You're absolutely right about the dangers of neglect and indifference towards our children, which will sooner or later come to haunt us as members of civil society.

    Your comment is really enlightening.
    I'll be very glad if you post it on your blog.

  6. Thanks. Since done. Link

  7. Very thought-provoking post! I agree that values are being eroded in today's society.

    I also agree with the point Pattu Raj has made in her comment that the parents' behaviour influences their children's behaviour to a great extent.

    I feel that in our race to have our children become 'successful' and to have them 'get ahead', we have left behind our traditional ideals like the heroes from our history. Also, our epics like the Ramayana & the Mahabharat are considered out-dated.

    So our children try to mould themselves on the people they feel are heroes- film actors, etc.

  8. Welcome to the blog and thanks very much for your views.So true that our children have no role model and are turning into self willed brats. It is high time that family values are ingrained in them from an early stage. Character building is a must to save our society from disintegration and meaninglessness.

  9. very good and timely one should look the other way..we must get involved if we see wrong things being done..

  10. Well written on how modern youth get spoiled by liquor and violent on screen. It’s obvious that liquor spread everywhere like wildfire get caught easily with young ones who are much interested on experiencing new things. I agree with Pattu, parents are the important role model for children and what they do is reflected through children.

    Came via Pattu's blog.

  11. I think it is the notion of being more accepted in the society which drive our youth to alcohol. We as a part of our society is to blame them.

  12. Hi Renu,jeevan and,
    Welcome to my blog and please keep coming.

    Renu,so true that we've to be actively involved, if we wish to make a difference in the lives of our children.

    Jeevan, Ironically parents these days are afraid of their children because of their own inadequacies.So what moral code they can ingrain in their children?Things have to get better if we want to save the next generation.,
    Peer pressure is ruining some kids.Guidance,counselling are the tools for keeping in touch with children and allaying their fears.

  13. Uppalji, this comment came in my link post.

    Dr Mandeep Khanuja has left a new comment on your post "WITHER INDIAN YOUTH?":

    true but i think younger ones are just wanting to experience some high,for once. they actually wud stop all this as they grow older. my only concern being the time wasted when they shud be actually doing something constructive.

  14. Thanks Pattu for redirecting it to my blog.

  15. Thanks Mandeep. But such experiments can have unexpected consequences. Just imagine such brats driving after over-indulgence and causing accidents. Similar incidents are reported everyday. Untimely deaths.Lives scarred. Too great a price for a short thrill.Excess is ruinous anyways.

  16. Four Class XI students found drunk in school
    The UT police today rounded up four Class XI students of Gyan Deep Model High School, Sector 20, after they were found in an inebriated state in the classroom.
    The Police Control Room (PCR) received a call of some students drinking in the school and raided the school premises. The classes were on when the police reached the school.
    The four students, who are 18 years of age, were taken to the Sector 19 police station from where they were rushed to the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital in Sector 16 for medical exam¬ination. The medical tests confirmed presence of alco¬hol in their blood.
    The police has sent a report to the DPI (Schools) about the incident and a daily diary report has been lodged. Besides, the police also recovered four disposable glasses from the classroom.
    The incident took place at around 10 am when some one from the school informed the Police Control
    Room. The PCR vehicle was not allowed to enter the school. The police from the Sector 19 police station managed to enter the school after asserting that they had received information and thus they need to enter the classroom.
    While the students were not drinking at the time of police raid, investigations established that they had consumed alcohol in the school.
    A disturbing news item in today's paper.

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