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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wish you dear friends a very happy Dussehra! This great festival is celebrated in North India with enthusiasm, excitement and joy. It has a deeper signifance as it represents victory of good over evil. With the start of  Navratras( nine nights) stage performances (Ramlila) depicting scenes from the epic Ramayana are brought forth by amateur artists in major cities. The audience in these late night shows are regaled by a fusion of piety and enjoyment.  On the tenth day (Vijay Dashmi) i.e. today, the effigies of demon king Ravana along with Kumbkarna and Meghanand,  stuffed with fireworks and crackers are consigned to flames to the joyous uproar of crowds ,timed with the setting of the sun in a central place of the city, where hundreds converge to witness the celebrations.The sky around the venue of the event becomes resplendent with red and golden flames devouring the evil within  all of us, through the symbolic medium of Ravana's destruction.

The sun is on its last leg and I do hear explosive sounds in the distance. The grand finale is certainly on!


  1. Hi Uppal.. this is my first time here. You have a wonderful blog and I will definitely come back for more. :)

    This is a very short and sweet post and you have beautifully summarized the flair and festivity of Dussehra. :)It is indeed a delight to watch these stage artists perform Ramleela. They are so good and you are always delighted. Wish you a very happy Dussehra and enjoy the festivities. :)

  2. Hi Raj,
    Welcome and thanks for the kind words.It is the festive spirit of our myriad festivals which enable us to transcend the despondency and cynicism of our times.
    It also provides a chance to the artists and on lookers to relate to each other in a spirit of camaraderie.