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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


While confined to bed with a bout of sinusitis, out of nowhere this cameo of a life got formed in my mind. May be there is a link between bodily unease and peculiar memories.
Once there was a young woman, blue eyed, tall, statuesque and rosy complexioned.Was married into a well off landowning family. Had three beautiful and gracious daughters and a son.  Daughters she married off in due course of time. Her son joined the armed forces. He was a stalwart of a man. Apple of parents’ eyes and nurtured by dear sisters.  The proposal for his marriage came through an acquaintance. Family trusted him. They were not allowed to see the girl. (In those days it was like that.) The girl actually turned out to be below average in a family of comely ladies. Discreetly no words were spoken. Life continued to be lived.
The young woman became the old woman and then a widow. A ruin of a great castle. Her spirits still soared. Was active in the community. Showed no helplessness.Cooked her meals. Struggle of living continued. Was happy in her den.
Then the son retired and along with his wife came to live with her. Daily spats between the two women ensued.The son sealed his lips. The younger one often used such hurtful words, “When’d this old hag die?” The old woman pretended not to listen. She’d weathered many a storm in her life and thought this too would pass.
But she’d not bargained for this.
One day the son came down the stairs and went straight to his mother,( something unusual) sat by her and broke the news icily, “She is dead.” The old woman was too stunned to say anything but her bleary eyes were filled with tears.
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