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Thursday, November 14, 2013



walk in progress
For the last couple of days, weather has turned ice-cold outside. The region experienced an early snowfall too. The temperature fluctuates daily. Undoubtedly, winter has stepped in, though somewhat prematurely. It may be sunny but the wind chills the bones. As a result, my regular going out for a walk has ended.

from left elliptical,stationary bike and treadmill
What to do then?  Exercise is a must. For the last so many years, a stipulated and timed walk had been a basic component of my lifestyle.  Minus this ritual, I feel sick, lose my appetite, and become lethargic to boot. I become a dry well for creativity. After engaging myself in exercise, I feel perked up and proactive. I tend to think better and become more productive and happy with myself. Ideas for my blog posts take birth. Therefore, I had to think of a substitute. And that I did.

My son’s basement has most of the paraphernalia of a mini gym. There is a treadmill, a stationary bike, elliptical contraption and all weights. Additionally, there is a table tennis table and air hockey game.  Here in the U.S. most of the young professionals have installed all these gadgets in the basement of their houses. Therefore, I said to myself- let me a make a beginning by walking on the treadmill. I needed to be cautious, for it was my first time. There is something else too. As I gain in years, I keep losing in physical courage. I get easily scared. I am mortally afraid of falls. (My mother fractured her femur after a fall and never recovered) To visualize the aftermath of a nasty fall is terrible.  I shudder to think of being immobile ever. Frankly, I dread that.  I’ve dreams, yet to be realized.

 Well, while all these thoughts churned in my head, I mechanically put on my running shoes. Then consciously made my way to the basement. Turned on a few lights. Examined the contraption. Read the warnings. Switched on the machine. Stepped on the belt and touched the number one speed square. The belt started moving very slowly. I felt okay, touched the next speed square, and found it comfortable for a beginner.  I held the handles for safety and balance. I had a successful walk (not run) for about half an hour. Finally, I got over my fear. I felt so much better. My spirits soared. I slept well that night.

The treadmill is great for 'in home' exercising. Ours has twelve speeds. Every speed has ten notches. You start from the lowest and gradually increase the speed as your endurance level improves over a period. The front panel displays speed, time, distance, pace, calories burnt and Pulse. The controls are easy to operate. It provides smooth walking or running for all age groups. You can do it in the privacy of your home at your own convenience. For vigorous workouts, you have the incline feature and can experience the feeling of going up a hill.

Aerobic exercise on the treadmill is ideal for weight loss. Reportedly, it burns more calories than other aerobic exercises. I've no worry on that count,
There are enough safety features too.
 There are other multiple benefits:
1. It is relaxing as well as energizing. It busts mild depression, anxiety and stress.
2. It facilitates better functioning of the cardiovascular system.
3. It promotes bone health and tones up muscles. It eases stiffness of limbs and takes care of minor aches and pains.
4. It whets appetite and improves the digestive system.
5. It helps the diabetics to stabilize their insulin levels.
6. It promotes overall wellness and reduces visits to the physician.

Moral: Let’s take the first step for achieving a goal which has the potential of rich dividends in any which way? While taking necessary precautions, go for any exercise regimen regularly, and receive tons of healthful gains. It comes out to be the best decision one can make.
 Most of us are wary of trying something new. However, we're like that. Once we muster up courage to make a start, the result is always remarkable. As they say- dar ke aage jeet hai

Einstein has said," Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Friends, I’m enjoying this newly found interest. What do you think?


  1. One needs to increase the speed and inclination of the treadmill slowly. On another note, Life is like a treadmill. If you stop in any respect, you fall. If you stop learning, you are left behind......

  2. Hi sabyasachi,

    Well said! Learning has to be a continuous process,otherwise you rust and get corroded from inside. It is also a way for finding some meaning in the eternal enigma called life.

  3. That is a great initiative on your part.

  4. Thanks! An initiative for exercising always pays!