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Monday, November 25, 2013


Here is the Ariel view captured by my camera from the moving plane…
the plane is above the  ocean of clouds. Part of the right wing is visible.
I’m back at Patiala after four months of stay in the U.S. It was a very rewarding experience in terms of hitherto unexplored treasure trove of unbounded natural beauty and many more eye-opening experiences. I had been to the U.S. many times before, and I visited capital city Washington DC and most of its tourist attractions. Most memorable had been the visits to Disneyland and Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles. However, unluckily I was not a blogger then and experiences remained unrecorded and faded from memory in due course of time.

Zurich's green patches and surrounding areas. The red cross sign on the wing.The red cross movement originated from Switzerland.
Now for the last couple of years I’m a part of the blogosphere and my perceptions and insights are deeply sensitized and propel me to decide what to chronicle. I only need a trigger point, that is.

The architectural design of Zurich city and mountains in the far end.
We had chosen Swiss international as our air carrier this time. We boarded the plane from Chicago for Zurich and boarded another flight from the same company from Zurich to Delhi. As the plane started to take off from Zurich, I chanced to look out of the window. Oh what an eerie display of the mystery of the skyline it was! I immediately pried out my camera from the bulging pockets of my purse, got glued to the window for capturing the rare scenes above the clouds. As the plane was slowly gaining height, I took pictures of the breathtaking scenes below. It brought into focus the charismatic paradigm of the view below. The boundless expanse embellished with pneumatic looking surface created by the moving clouds made my jaw drop in sheer amazement. Actually, these are the miracles, which go unnoticed. The sight was so awe inspiring and humbling. One bows in awe at the magnificence, which looked surreal and real at the same time.
the open spaces away from human habitation.

Switzerland is a beautiful country with gigantic mountains-Alps in South and Jura in North West- dotting its skyline. Zurich and Geneva are its global cities. It is a peace loving and safe country. It has a perfect banking system. (Remember all the money stashed in its banks from all over the world.) 

Further up,mountains engulfed in snow. Only tops visible.
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  1. Those are really Lovely Pictures.. :D
    Especially the First one looks like it is going over the Sea.. :D

  2. Thanks Harsh,
    It is really so! The actual scene was stupendous!

  3. yes, you can record everything on your blog and the memories will be there with you forever. those are some lovely photographs!

  4. Thanks Deb. yes these photographs will keep the memories of this visit alive for a long time.

  5. Good to see some open spaces unlike India where we see continuos rows of houses. Your first image brought back memories of my first flight. Till then I had only been above clouds during our treks. The ability to document our memories is very important as it can help us reconnect with those days again.

  6. Hi Sabyasachi,
    Thanks a lot. Your kind response to my post means a lot to me. How true, if one can document myriad experiences of one's life,one can thread a chain of memories to live by.

    BTW the scene as seen from the plane was breathtaking and unimaginable, to say the least.

    Unlike in India, one of the things which bowled me over in the U.S. is the magnificence of its natural beauty and the expanse of its open spaces. The gorgeous autumn there took my breath away.