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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


ABC Wednesday 'O'

October is one of the seven months with a length of 31 days. It takes its name from the Latin word   “Octo” meaning eight. Originally, Roman calendar had ten months and October was the eighth month. However, it retained its first name even after January and February were introduced into the calendar.

Frankly, I nurture a soft corner for this month. For one it is mild mannered and the other, it harbingers promising changes in the weather. I welcome it with open arms as it mercifully brings long awaited respite from the debilitating, stifling and irritatingly sticky September weather. The temperature slides down and the suffocating humidity comes down to normal levels. Doors and windows dry out the moisture and start fitting properly.

Finally, we enter the ‘breathe easy state’ in the lap of sweet October.  Its ambience bolsters our spirits and sagging moods and restores the sapped energy. People appraise pending jobs and start making plans to execute them. Soon there is feverish activity all around. People get busy hiring painters and labor to get their houses white washed and painted. Festive spirit slowly takes over the lethargic tempo of the preceding months. Excitement in anticipation of the coming festivals and festivities slowly builds up.

October ushers in Dussehra, our much-loved festival. It is celebrated in most parts of the country as a symbol of ‘victory of good over evil’. On this day king, Rama killed the demon king Ravana who had abducted Sita his wife through vile deceit.  The effigies of Ravana and two others representing evil are consigned to flames at Ram Lila grounds in most regions of the country.

Exactly 20 days after Dussehra comes Deepavali “the festival of lights”. On this day, King Rama comes back to his kingdom after attaining victory over the evil king Ravana . People celebrate his arrival with rejoicings and lighting clay lamps.

Around Diwali there is surfeit of sweets, exchange of gifts, bursting of crackers and lighting of earthen lamps and sparklers. Strings of multi colored electric bulbs shine and twinkle on the parapets of houses. During the 20 days prior to the gala day, people engage in marathon cleaning sprees of their houses and surroundings. Special decorations are done to welcome the Goddess of wealth and good luck. Consumerism peaks before Diwali.
grain market scene with paddy filled bags

October also signifies abundance of life sustaining  grain. Around the end of October, farmers harvest Paddy and grain markets are flooded with the produce.
I clicked this beauty at the front yard of my son's house in the US

In our part of the country, nature heralds the ripening flavor of autumn. The deciduous trees prepare themselves for shedding leaves. Later leaves fall in droves on windy days.

The beauty of this season is resplendent in the West. I experienced the most enjoyable autumn in the company of riot of color last year in the US. That unique panorama of sensuous pleasures, I’ll cherish forever.
In the western world, the carnival of Halloween falls in this month. It is an important cultural event, where children have a blast of time wearing outlandish costumes and going from door to door chanting trick or treat. At the end of the day kids’ buckets overflow with confectionery collected from neighborhood.

The weird looking pumpkin lamps adorn the front yards of the houses.

October has its fair share of glory. It follows a middle path and shuns extreme weather conditions. It is considered an auspicious month for solemnizing weddings and other family functions.

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  1. Great post. October is one of my favorite months too. Carver, ABCW-Team

  2. I love October colourful, but in a restful way.

  3. October! The greatest of all months besides March:)
    Wonderful post indeed!

  4. I love October too...Infact I love all the months beginning October upto February....I have no idea why!

    Obscure skies above-Random Thoughts Naba

  5. Lovely take but I dread the October heat in Mumbai!

  6. How I wish October to come now!These summer months are always devoid of festivals....