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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


ABC Wednesday

M is for Morning

I feel deep reverence for the mystic allure of each morning. When my eyes open to the sweet morning light, stealing benignly through the bedroom window, the whole body responds eagerly to the sensation of freshness and tranquility. Even when up and doing, the silence of the morning connects me to my spiritual self, making me feel light and hopeful.

The first cup of tea pours energy into the system and there you go chasing the morning chores.

In fact, morning sets the mood of the day. For me, the most important activity is the morning walk in the nearby park. It is the greatest mantra for maintaining well-being, which I have adopted since my retirement. There are no more urgent household tasks to be carried out before leaving for work.

Undoubtedly, morning walk or some exercise regime is necessary for a healthy living for all of us. There are no two opinions about the belief that the threesome of prayer, meditation and exercise performed in the morning, work wonders for overall wellness, creativity and productivity.

I experience morning walk as a channel for the restoration of mind body connect, which we have almost lost in the fast pace of modern life. Walk in a park surrounded by trees and floras that emit oxygen in the morning, fill the lungs, improving blood circulation. Brisk walk provides muscular strength to the skeletal and lubricates joints and cells, promoting fitness. It is also your ‘me time’ when day’s distractions haven't  yet invaded your mental space.You converse with your inner self. The greenery around soothes the eyes, envelops you with grace and resilience to face the day.

It’s pure joy to watch the frolicking squirrels and buzzing honey bees and other insects flitting around blooming flowers and creating their own music. It is however, the birds, which steal the morning show. They flutter overhead, chirp, tweet or squeak on the branches conducting an orchestra of improvised notes. It is like nature’s lyrical poetry. Nevertheless, the experience is as holy as participating in a sat sang to rejuvenate the soul.

Morning is time for thanksgiving to God for His countless blessings. Also the consciousness of proper planning for a purposeful day happens in the morning.

A light and healthy breakfast is a great beginning to the day. It accelerates your brain functions, and alerts your responses.

Morning exudes vibes of inexplicable sensuous charm and spontaneous positivity. Childlike innocence of an unpolluted mind is the persona of the morning hour.  Sweeping away inertia, it adds swing to your movements and sees you through the good/bad of each day.

Friends, pl. share your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. Morning is indeed the best part of the day.
    I always tell my daughters use the morning hours well and your evening will go well. The same holds true for life too.

  2. A good start to the day is enough to keep the positivity flowing. V refreshing post!

  3. Yes! Every morning is a fresh a great beginning!!!

  4. I love mornings:) Great post, Uppal!

  5. Really worth reading...thanks for sharing!

  6. So true and an excellent advice. There is a special stillness in the Morning.
    Joy - ABC Team

  7. Mornings are a special time to be awake and attentive!!