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Saturday, June 21, 2014

My photo gallery of Shivalik Hills 1

Friends, I'm putting up temporarily in the  cool lap of Hills to escape the sweltering heat of the plains. Our small flat is decked  on all sides by the majestic presence of pines. Two episodes of heavy showers have brought life to the nut brown exterior of the lanky pines. In the midst of some scorched leaves there are ample glistening new leaves standing erect as if practicing permanently some Yoga Asan.
Yesterday was partly a windy day. And I was witness to an interesting exhibition of hordes of dry brown pine needles flying rhythmically before landing on the hill slopes or roofs of the houses or modest dwelling units. The sight reminded me of milk white snow flurries falling magically on the mowed lawns in the US, while you watch  spell bound,  standing safely behind the window pane.
There is surfeit of fallen pine needles on side walks on the Nahan Road where I go for a walk. The freshly oven-ed needles at least ease the unevenness of the cobbled berms.

 Here are a few shots of the landscape of the hill slopes from different angles.