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Monday, November 24, 2014




There were ominous signs of imminent bad weather conditions, on that particular evening. But, he'd already decided to attend  a special get together, at his friend's house. Throwing caution to the winds, he started off in a mood of merriment like that of any other young man of his age. After all, he'd toiled hard for the whole week in his position of a senior researcher in the company. He longed for some relaxation and change of scene. Though a bachelor in a foreign country, he had made many friends. He's a likeable person. On weekends he's more or less invited  by his acquaintances or married friends for dinner etc. He never missed such outings. In fact, he enjoyed the interactions and the party spirit.

In that expectant mood he was driving at a good speed. The warmth in the car made him oblivious of,  what was brewing outside. The sky was slowly filling up with menacing darkness. The sudden growling sound woke him up as if from a stupor.  It had started snowing.  There was no other vehicle in sight.  The road and trees were losing their distinctness. He was alarmed. Soon, the outside scene was like a huge white ocean. Stopping was not an  option. His heart beat jumped up and started hammering his insides.

In the nervousness of fright he accelerated the car . He'd not covered much distance, when there was a  deafening thud, as the car hit a tree. His  mouth must have hit the steering wheel. His front teeth were gone and  blood was flowing out in torrents and there was terrible pain. He tried to  gauge the predicament. Even in that hopeless situation, he knew that he'd have to act, otherwise he'd die of cold. How he managed to come out, he didn't remember. Perhaps the survival instinct energized him momentarily.  While staggering out in the accumulated snow, he spied a faint light. A ray of hope was born. He remembered vaguely  being lifted by some angelic hands. Then everything went blank. He lost consciousness.   When he came to himself after how many hours, he couldn't fathom, he was lying in a  hospital bed with his jaws bandaged.   

Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. Hari OM
    A warning tale indeed! This is a great interpretation of the prompt and describes well how accidents happen - even the experienced can meet with this. This was a good read! YAM xx

  2. Very nice story. Liked the lines "lifted by some angelic hands"