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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


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Nature personifies hope.

 'R' is for 'rattle'

 Friends, I thought of giving vent to some of the irritants of daily life, which rattle our composure and cause sullen moods and vitriolic tempers.  I’m sure few of these unnerving situations will be common ground for most of us.

I, for example can’t stand rattling voices of TV debates and substandard musical performances on high volumes, jarring lights and gaudy stage settings. They drive one’s sanity to the edge.

The piercing and intimidating sound of horns of our truck drivers make me plug my ears with fingers. If by chance, the dimwitted truck drivers are behind us they dare to use pressure horns, presumably to make us disappear( I don’t know where), to make way for them, even when there is traffic snarl in front. Young motor cyclists are another species to watch for on Indian roads. Constantly annoying is their reckless driving and the way they precariously negotiate in between other vehicles, like acrobats in a circus.  Do they know that their antics cause the sensible driver’s heart, miss a beat, while encountering such dangerous maneuvers on the road?

Late night or early morning discourses at some religious places also interfere in the quietude you long for at that hour. Ear splitting singing and dancing through loud speakers as well as free for all at marriage venues disturb the peace of the neighborhood. 

The ringing of call bells, when one is half way through the shower and the audacity of the visitor whoever he/she is to keep pressing the buzzer is rude and rattling to no end.

How maddening the situation is when one plans to watch a certain TV show for a change, the electric power goes bust and ironically is restored when the it is over.

More galling are instances where in company, you unknowingly become a victim of people, who keep rattling on about the mumbo jumbo of their lives. You yawn and fidget with your hands as a sign of boredom but they carry on regardless.

Exhibition of self-righteousness and narcissism coupled with stubborn self-will of some, embarrass their dear ones and cause unpleasant episodes of social interaction. However, the poor souls miss a lot, as they stick to their own perceptions and beliefs.

In fact, we face multiple uncomfortable circumstances in the course of our lives and the wise step is to be somewhat detached and try to palliate the severity of the situations if you can.

It is my association with nature, which draws out the discomfort of daily hassles and creates overall balance in my life. Nature is inimitable.   It is wholesome, uncorrupted and benevolent!

The above image I clicked in the morning, especially for this post!

Friends, welcome here as always!


  1. Hari Om
    Love that outdoor scene - so green and clean... Unlike the world around you it seems! Vairagya does serve well for managing the incursions. Earplugs are another option... &*> YAM xx

  2. Same here I too hate all this in my daily life!

  3. some of the upspeak of reality shows make me crazy

  4. As I commute daily for my work I so dislike the motorcyclist cutting in front of me at the last moment! I identify with almost everything you wrote here!