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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Q is for quirky

The word ‘quirky’ takes me back quite a number of years, when I was the young mother of a three years old daughter.  We had gone to Shimla during our summer vacations (Both of us were in the teaching profession.) Every day after breakfast, we strolled around, in the midst of summer rush on the ridge, where all activities happened. We’d sit on the benches, installed on either side of the ridge, bask in the mild sunshine, and enjoy breezy weather. 

One day it so happened that while coming up the ridge from the main bazaar, our daughter spied a monkey doing his tricks on the tree across the road. She excitedly pointed her finger towards the spot. In a matter of seconds, like a flash of lightening, the monkey landed on my husband’s turban, which got untied and fell on the road. The little one screamed with fright. Thanks to the locals behind us, who shoved him with their umbrella sticks and we were saved the wrath of the monkey. We immediately went back to the hotel to  compose ourselves. The incident really shook us.

Later we were told never to point our finger or anything else toward the simian, as they feel threatened and attack the victim mercilessly. We learnt our lessons and became extra vigilant and more cautious thereon.

Now when we are in the hills during summer months, we dare not look at them straight. I run inside when I see a monkey in our balcony and I shoo it away by shouting, with eyes closed through the cover of the net door.  How amusing, isn’t it? Case of 'once bitten twice shy'.

 In the mountains, hordes of them roam about scaring children, destroying crops and spreading filth. Residents of course are helpless.

Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. Hari OM
    Language exists in every sentient species. In some human societies, pointing is also considered rude; occasionally inciting violence. One person's 'quirky' is another's etiquette!!! Having had a Langur run at me (I was holding mango), I can vouch for how disconcerting it is. I still love them though!

    What fascinates me here is that the monkey chose the turban to unravel, rather than chasing the pointer or seeking to bite. Mischief indeed. YAM xx

  2. No wonder my mother always told me it was rude to point, LOL. Although there is a certain lack of monkeys around here in the northern hemisphere.

  3. We humans hate being pointed at, too!

  4. a good post... point or not monkeys generally are quirky :)

  5. Scary incident.
    Will keep it in mind! :)

  6. How frightening....What a naughty monkey, glad nobody was bitten, I believe their bites can be quite venomous. Must be wonderful to go to the mountains for your holidays.

    best wishes,

    Abcw team.