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Saturday, November 22, 2014



I love birds. Squirrels are my favorite critters. During the week I's looking for some birds to click. At morning time one finds birds in the lawns or on electric wires. But somehow they fly away by the time you're ready to click. Luckily during my morning  outing for killing many birds with one stone, I spotted this troika of larks in a wee bit state of wonder and clicked.

In our area the presence of larks outnumber all other birds. I like their simple and innocent bearing. No hubris! They mind their own business. They love company. You'll always see them in groups. Completely harmless. That is why perhaps their population is stable or may be increasing. Their chirping is peculiar, low pitched but pleasing. They look pretty when they fly as their feathers have lovely white circles underneath.

Friends,welcome here!


  1. Hari Om
    This is the Indian, or Common, Myna; a relative of the starling and has been marked as a pest due to its excessively growing numbers outside its native land. They are aggressively territorial and will steal the nests of other species, destroying the eggs or chicks therein. They are mimics, hence the vocal variety.

    Please do LOOK HERE to see the Indian Lark... YAM xx

  2. You know, you hear about larks your whole life but I honestly don't think I've ever seen a photo of one! great job capturing these three!

  3. Lovely pictures, very nice looking birds. I love taking pictures of birds at my feeders.

  4. Beautiful capture on the mynas! They are common birds seen more next to crows and sparrows. I used to mimic there tone as I listen to them often in my previous houses.