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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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'H' is for history:

For a couple of days, my weekly brainstorming session stared me in the face,   obviously chiding me for dilly dallying and wasting my time. Finally, the inner voice  brought me face to face with the computer and the blank page eyed me invitingly.The ice was broken.

The discourse again would be about some aspects of the incomparable canvas of our life. The way we balance it and direct it to follow the righteous path. Our experiences play an important part in this balancing act.

To achieve even some semblance of success in life, it is imperative to incorporate some order, discipline, and historical perspective to the scheme of things.
Order in life is no less  important than other essentials of life. A chaotic lifestyle is an open invitation to defeat and all sorts of complications. It takes its toll in creating grave problems in domestic and professional arena. In short, it may ruin your life. In this context, we may learn lessons from the impeccable calendar which nature follows. We’re so used to change in seasons, the spontaneity of sunrise and sunset and scores of other precise happenings that we hardly give a thought to the extraordinary discipline of the natural forces, which makes it possible.

Another significant angle to life is its surprise elements, good or bad. Like the sea, life has multiple frames to its credit. For instance, our bumpy journey here is comparable to the frightful shenanigans, which play on the sea surface. There are times when the seawaters are calm and serene and yet they uphold mysterious, awesome grandeur. Sometimes storms rage on its surface signaling anxiety, caution and patience. There are tense hours and often days of this scary phenomenon and then all of a sudden peace and calm returns and soon the event retreats from our consciousness. Our life is also like that. Amidst smugness of normalcy, sometimes, adversity hits us like a bolt from the blue, disrupt our daily lives, test our resilience, and disappear as rapidly. All of us have gone through such testing times in the course of our lifetime.

However, many times we’re so overwhelmed by the severity of unfavorable circumstances that nothing seems to allay our insecurities. It is here that the history comes to our aid to stabilize us. Remembering the horrendous past events and occurrences, how we triumphed over them with objectivity and strength, reassure us to keep going. In the beginning, though these looked daunting and insurmountable.

 History reminds us that we don’t live our lives in isolation. The present  is linked to the past as well  as to the future. History may go back to centuries, yet it sustains a permanent link to the present enabling us to learn lessons from the infinite records of man’s victories and defeats in figuring out the cosmos and its diverse elements.

 Likewise, religious books of all ages written by great scholars are treatises on how to lead our lives with propriety and   justness in our day-to-day dealings.

Life is sum total of frequent high and lows and it is man who gives it meaning by his actions. Its great challenge is to live it.

From TOI's 'SACRED SPACE': Meaning of life

"What is the meaning of life? Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it.The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning." Joseph Campbell

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  1. What you said of chaos is so true. I see so many people in my practice and I know when my own life is overrun with chaos so little makes sense and the ability to find any peace of body or mind is close to impossible.

  2. Very thoughtful post! History teaches us so many things… apart being records, I think our future lies revealing the past and tracing back what we lost and get forward in guide of past.

  3. A Master Piece of Expression.... Rightly said the meaning to Life.... Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nicely expressed, Uppalji.
    May we all find meaning & be optimistic.

    Do take part in the IB HappyHours - Write a story about optimism for the #LookUp activity that's open now.

  5. This was a wonderful study of life and how we let things affect us! I like that you pointed us to history when we feel overwhelmed and think we cannot possibly survive or accomplish something that is in our path. How true, that we have survived turmoils of the past, and disappointments too, and somehow emerge stronger and better able to handle the next "wave" that washes over us. I once had a boss who said to wait three days when life seemed overwhelming, and in that time frame it will either have been resolved or we will have figured out a way to address it. I've learned that is almost always true. If we don't let our emotions run away with fear, we will be ok. I love the quote about us making our lives what they are, I so agree with that, we have the choice to make them happy or sad, it is not what happens to us, but how we choose to live with it! Wonderful, thoughtful post, thank you!

    1. Hi Josie, I love whatever you say in your comment. I so appreciate the clarity of your thoughts!You inspire joy and well being! Happy to have found you in the cyber space!