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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Setting sun in the urban milieu.

I was away from the cyber world for more than a week. Our darling granddaughter and her parents were visiting us.There was lot of activity around them. However, I missed my routine forays into some sort of creativity.

Here is how i found the sky as i clicked it from the verandah of our house a few days back. The sun is going down behind a powerfully thick  single cloud formation

Linked to:  sky watch friday

Friends, welcome here as always!


  1. Wonderful shot of the sky! I love the light rays around the clouds. Glad you were able to visit with loved ones.

  2. Hari OM
    Superb!!!... (and that is a bit spooky because last night itself I said to myself "No Uppal for a while, hope all is well"... glad that it was!!!) YAM xx

  3. Lovely pic.
    How we miss getting online & sharing our posts/pics... internet & creativity is our way of life now.
    I know you had a great time with your grand-daughter, Uppalji :)
    I remember my mom. How happy she was when I went with my daughter! :)