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Thursday, March 5, 2015


 This week's challenge is:

 "STILL LIFE" (Food, Flowers, Rocks, Shells, Vases, Books, Jewelry,...)

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  Set of twenty four volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica is our prized possession. Bought in  Canada in 1963 when my hubby was  doing his Doctorate in the University of Alberta, he shipped it to India after completing his studies.  He came back as he wanted to serve his country. Later after our marriage the one thing, which impressed me most was this set of scholarly elegance. It was  early 70s and both of us would sit and read enteries of common interest. We've moved home four times so far and these volumes had kept us company. These have become an integral part of our lives. We treat them as  heirlooms. 

In this age of instant information, their utility might have diminished but for comprehensive information about a topic at one place, nothing can beat them. 
This apart they're a solid link with the past,when these were of immense value to the researchers in any field.

Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. I used to constantly refer to these Volumes in our Library till I retired from my Service... Real Master Pieces of Reference!

  2. My father also ordered lots of encyclopedias including Americana & Britannica!
    Have in our library.
    But, this is the age of Google & mostly info is searched from the Internet :)

  3. A prized possession. I love my collection of books.

  4. Cool shot of a valuable collection.
    I too love my books a lot.

  5. nice; have a good Thursday

    much love...

  6. No doubt these are informative hug... and if not internet people would still stick to these books. I have seen these books only in school library but ever touched to reveal them.

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  8. For several decades we had the 'family' Britannica set from the early 1900's. It now resides with one of the next generation of the family along with the beautiful family heirloom similar to this piece.