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Monday, November 23, 2015


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Truly, our world presents a grand spectacle every single moment. Though the winter is slowly tightening its tentacles around us and nature, yet there are pockets in our midst, where we find flowers defying the chill and smiling at us in all the glory. The grandeur of nature's beautiful persona keeps our spirits buoyant even in  stressful times.

A beaming singleton in my garden!

 Early morning shot of the red and yellow blossoms in our neighborhood.

 In my backyard a small chrysanthemum's plant has these maroon beauties on display.The long shadow of the whole plant at 8.30 in the morning proved a bonus.

This spread of white chrysanthemum blooms create magic outside our boundary wall space tended by us.

The luxurious exhibition of lemon hued chrysanthemums occupy a corner in my backyard.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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  1. Beautiful! And you're right - flowers just bloom. Perhaps we should do as they do?
    Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for linking up at

  2. Beautiful flowers to lift the spirit.

  3. Wow, lovely blooms and images. I wish we could see flowers year round. Have a happy day!

  4. The flowers in your garden are beautiful! As are your photographs. I particularly liked the chrysanthemum's sharing their shadows but all of them are lovely!

  5. Beautiful pictures and I loved the quote in the beginning of the post :)

  6. Lovely captures.
    It is as if spring has struck your place.
    Happy ODW!

  7. Wow! Awesome blossoms around your home... simply rich the eye sights. I have seen many beautiful and exotic flowers bloom in chill climates and I think they like it more than sunny days.

  8. Nature at it's best and so selfless.

    Loved your clicks Uppaljee

    Pleasure to have you link up with Abracabadra.

  9. I love the colorful flowers .... I have to visit your blog as mine are all gone till May...Michelle