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Friday, April 1, 2016


The Challenge for April is: 'BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY.'

I clicked the pic. today at mid morning. (1st April,2016).

Well, what can  better expressive the truth of these words than this benign  image of lilies outside  our compound wall. (As a rule here, the residents are required to take care of the space which falls in front of their houses).

Yes,I do consider them as epitomizing simplicity which is so elevating. These are perennials. Poor things remain there with their sturdy green leaves intact and undemanding of any favors. Only some watering off and on. Then at the end of March, out of nowhere the round hollow stems appear unobtrusively with long buds. And within a couple of days the blooms put up an exhibition of their bright red presence enlivening the atmosphere.

 It is like nature's long call to wake up our slumbering sensitivities.

Believe me, the naturalness of this process happening in our midst inspires you, even if you're not well to capture their pure simplicity  enabling you to relive that memorable scene many times.

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  1. Lovely photo for today's theme !

  2. Simply beautiful capture and natural scene of flowers! No doubt they would make cheerful the day

  3. Gorgeous flowers, and I love what you wrote about this plant's unassuming nature.

  4. I totally agree with you. These flowers are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful red lilies for the theme day.

  6. Beautiful flowers. Nice interpretation for theme day.

  7. Lillies again and here I am :) Love these flowers.. Nice click.

  8. That bright color woke me up for sure today. I love that photograph! Glad I stopped by your blog today. It is raining here. A couple of days ago we experienced snow, sleet, hail. Your blog reminded me that Spring is just around the corner. YEA!
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  9. Thanks for the share.