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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


'W' is for WEATHER

Flower bush in the hills,where I'm putting up these days.
Occasionally the concept of weather enters our mind one way or the other. For example, people think about weather conditions, while fixing a date for a wedding or some important function or an event. Weather conditions also determine our planning for holidays or short outings. In short weather is the king.

Nature has endowed us with a variety of climatic conditions. All have banes and boons to their credit. Human beings are very special creatures on earth. We’ve moods, feelings, sentiments, likes and dislikes. Only nature knows how to handle our idiosyncrasies.
Rose in the mid morning light.

For instance, in the early days of summer, it fills us with enthusiasm to be proactive. Relief after getting rid of woolens, heaters, and hot water baths of winter is immense. We make plans for embarking on journeys to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Summers make us feel light and inspire us to plunge into adventurous activities. However, as the summer progresses, weather turns hot and humid and we long for rains.

My favorite red rose looks fresh after a spell of rain
We go ga ga during rains for a few days but soon enough get tired of dampness, wetness and stifling humidity and also being restricted in our lives. We start waiting for a more wholesome weather.

Slowly autumn lands in our lives with piles of shed leaves here, there and everywhere. For some time we enjoy the bright colors of autumn. We go for breezy walks and love the rustling of leaves under our feet. However, the fall charm wanes at the unkempt look of our environs and endless leave shedding in and around our homes.

Winter look.Courtesy Google
In fact, autumn signifies plant world’s preparation for the winter. The bare look of deciduous trees and sundry vegetation indicates that plants go into a sort of hibernation to preserve their vigor for springing delightful surprises for us in spring. Spring transforms our environs into wondrous sights, which not only provide feast for the eyes but also inspiration and hope. The cycle of nature goes on and on. Sometimes we are too involved in worldly pursuits to be conscious of it. 

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  1. nice choice for this weeks letter.... most of all because its something nobody can change

    Have a nice abcwednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Nicely written post. We all live our lives around the weather and climate we live in... Michelle

  3. Many apologies! I left my comment for this post on the next.

  4. My plants have to be WATERED every evening now, our WEATHER has been in the high 90's for at least a WEEK now.

  5. 120F in the desert Southwest this weekend!


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  7. Hi ma'am , how are you ? any good way to get in touch with you , trust me this comment was a last resort! :)
    - Gagandeep Singh (from Baru Sahib) class of 2012

  8. Glad the weather pattern designed to change constantly... and I always believe every season/weather has its own essence with fragrance and foul depend on the condition we live. Well observed the difference and priorities of the weather.

  9. Interresting posts an amazing pictures on your blog!
    Have a nice day!