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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” – Irving Wallace


              F is for  ' Future perfect'
Spotlessly clean and wide inner road overlooking the hills.

Traveling is  a treat. It feeds your wanderlust. It enables you to weave tales in your life experiences. It enriches your memory bank. It ennobles your consciousness to see the world as a pulsating entity. You amble about exploring new horizons, taking in surprising experiences. Your creative juices rejuvenate. Amazing ideas fuel your imagination. Excitement and childlike urge to enjoy takes over. Not only this, the natural beauty of the place, you choose to visit mesmerizes your senses. Your inner voice exclaims, “Oh, there is so much of grandeur and heavenly repose here. Is it of this world? Yes, it is here and now, but hidden from the world." Such experiences are the stuff of inspiring tales. For a few days, at least you forget the mundane monotony and rejoice in the bandwagon of delight and freedom.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Many times, you plan a tour with some specific purpose. Other times you wish to move out of your comfort zone. You welcome a short period of continuous adaptability and challenges in new environs. Unexpected situations, you face in plenty. Sudden encounters replace the status quoits mindset.

Every travel experience carries a reservoir of new terrains. If you are capable of, you can share them with the world and spread joy through your narration.


Another view of the stunning hills.

By the way, my outing this time had both elements. Some purpose and a desire to leave home for some days and come back with renewed energy. My destination after due recce on the net zeroedin on a place called ‘BAHRI BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY’ in TAMIL NADU. It is one of the large states of Southern India. The particular place stands about 95 KM from the temple town Madurai.
Here the purpose was to find a retirement community, where the weather is wholesome throughout the year. We desired  a  place of peace and tranquility, far from the maddening bustle of urban life. An escape, from the extreme weather conditions of our home state Punjab.

A landscaped area (the work is only in the initial stages yet.)

My boyfriend/ dearest hubby and I reached this beautiful place late one night. Next morning opened large vistas of beatitude all around us. It came out to be a retirement community with a difference. Marvelous as it is, it also happens to be the only one in India of its kind. Nestled in the foothills, with its vast open spaces, wide roads and breezy climate, it is a paradise of sorts. Panoramic view of the hills on three sides is breathtaking. Coconut and banana plantations charm in their stately presence. It is like a dreamland.

The boulevard like  magnificence of the entry point.

The sun rise looks like a magic so near. Photo capture from the front verandah of our unit.( not visible here.)
Another inner road with cute looking villas on both sides.

My photographs of this place express the splendor, no words can do. Pl. click on the pics to see the larger view.

Friends,welcome here as always!

To be continued:

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  1. This place is at the foothills of Kodaikanal... but wonders how I unaware about this wonderful place even though I have been to the mountains behind many times and my uncle also has a woodhouse, cottage and coffee estate there. Really they have created a wonderful place to relax and reside... no doubt about the pleasantry exists there esp. during this time of winter it would be pretty cool.

    And about the traveling, I could easily fit into you words. For me a destination is just a point in map, but I like exploring the remote and road less travelled. Nature is my first prior wherever I go and most of my travels have been around beaches and mountains.

  2. indeed, looks stunning

    'future perfect' is utopia I guess

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

  3. Sorry, may it was because your comment was in moderation. I just checked the linky list, and it is working as far as I can see. let me give you a direct link.
    Hopefully this will do it. This week it's still open to Thursday, so don't panic:):) I still can get you in. But if the link is week, you may have to try a few times. Hoping for success:)

  4. I love the street with the villas!

  5. What a great place. It looks so sunny and calm on the streets.

  6. You write so beautifully.... this looks like a wonderful place to live... Michelle